• In the city of Konohagakure there is a high school called Konoha high. Many students of all kinds go there, Uchiha, Sasuke as well. Sasuke is an honor roll student, with straight A's, charms and most of all good looks. All the ladies fan over him like little children in a toy store fighting over the newest toy craze.
    It was the middle of spring, cherry blossoms were falling from the trees. Sasuke was 17 and a junior in high school. The prodigy sighed sitting down his his seat in the back of the row of English 3 watching the teacher blab on about some lesson Sasuke didn't care about.

    Uzumaki Naruto had moved to Konohagakure yesterday and got sent to Konoha high school this was his first day. He walked into the class room of English three wearing skinny jeans and a baggy shirt. Naruto didn't like the Uniforms; and a head band he looks around and see a man with raven hair and the darkest eyes his face goes red. Naruto also had the brightest blond hair and the biggest blue eyes he even had whisker looking birth marks on his cheeks.

    Sasuke looked the other way as the blond saw him, "Ch'." Was Sasuke's reaction to Naruto. Other teens in the class starred at the blond, "He kind of looks like a Yakuza." Sakura whispered to TenTen. Hinata, a girl with black long hair blushed. Seeing the sight she covered her face embarrassed.
    The teacher was a older man with long white hair pulled back in a pony tail. "Well hello there, you can call me Jiraiya-Sensei. I'll be your English teacher this year. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."

    Naruto looked down sadly tears in his eyes then he looked up and smiled "I am Uzumaki Naruto!!!!!!!!! I am 15 years old and love emos I wish to be like my dad!!!!!! I Love ramen!" then looks at Hinata and winks.

    Hinata then put her head to her desk in embarrassment. Sasuke was confused by the blond's sudden burst of energy. "The hell is up with his guy?" He thought and rolled his eyes.
    "Very nice intro, Naruto. Take a seat please." Jiraiya smiled with a laugh and then started a new lesson.

    Naruto went to the seat in the corner and smirked then look at his class mates and then looks down and mumbles to self "Maybe if i came out of the closet people would like me more" tears weld in his eyes and his papers get all wet so he runs out of the class room and sits in between a few lockers.
    Naruto then heard the bell ring and he stood up as he did he wiped his face off and thought. "I can be strong."

    Sasuke walked out of English class with his school bag slung over his shoulder. His eyes half closed, he was sleepy not getting not getting so much sleep last night. He sighed and walked down the hallway. Passing fangirls and other people.
    Naruto walked down the hall with his face as bright as ever to make everyone forget. He had bumped into some one he looks at the person. Itachi turns around "Well hi there, are you ok?" he says looking at the tear streaks on Naruto's face "..yeah I am fine." Naruto says running away.

    Sasuke then saw his older brother who was a senior at school with them. He turned his head not wishing for his brother to notice him. When Itachi passed Sasuke was in the clear, he walked a bit quicker. Walking, he then was ran into by Naruto with tears steaming down his cheeks. They both fell to the floor, Sasuke rubbed his head, "Ch', the hell?" He asked gritting his teeth and looked up to see who it was. "Nar-to...?" He hesitantly mentioned and saw him crying. He was curious.
    "s-s-s-s-sorry" he said and opened his eyes and blushed seeing who he bumped into and he winced in pain "OW stupid floor."

    Sasuke picked up his bag but then the bell suddenly rang, "Dammit were late, wheres your next class Naruto?" Sasuke asked and got up, helping the other teen up with his bare hands.
    Naruto blushes more "I have P.E."

    "Cool, so do I let's go together then." Sasuke said taking Naruto's hand in his. "This way." He walked.
    Naruto's face went red madly and smiles "Ok teme."

    They ran to P.E. class together, no one really noticed that they were late because everyone was in the locker rooms dressing.