• We opened up the last door on the right and saw no one was in then walked in. It was dark and only a small light on the wall showed it had a bed and band posters. It was a guy’s room, I think. Probably Jonathan’s. I was about to turn around and say something when Grant’s lips crashed onto mine. I was so stunned I didn’t move. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. His lips felt sticky and wet and beer taste filled my mouth. I pulled back.

    “Grant.” I whispered feeling weird.

    “Mm?” he asked pulling back.

    “I don’t think—“

    “Olivia, I love you. I can’t you get off my mind. I broke up with Kendra because I want to be with you. I love the way you smile and laugh. I couldn’t stand Kendra. I have to have you.” he started kissing me again and this time I let him. He really felt that way for me? He was confessing his love for me. Like he did in my dreams. We sat down on the bed and he moaned in my mouth as I started kissing him back not really closing my eyes though, still thinking. I forgot how much I liked Grant I guess. This is what I wanted, wasn’t it? Isn’t that why Zane and I got together. To get Grant and Kendra back? This is what we had planned on. Right? Not having sex with Zane or falling for him! Grant pushed his tongue into my mouth and I frowned slightly at how I didn’t quite like that. But I ignored it. I twisted my tongue with his and he put his hand on my knee. I realized his hands were hard. They weren’t soft. Not like Zane’s. They went up my leg not making me shiver or have goose bumps. Then his fingers were under my skirt. I shifted a little not feel comfortable. Why was I doing this?! Come on Olivia! This is what you wanted! You want him and now you don’t! What the hell is wrong with you?! I yelled at myself. “I love you…” he murmured over my lips. “I love you Ollie….” I frowned again.

    I hated that nickname! He pushed me back on the bed and I limply did it trying to find a reason I shouldn’t want this. He pushed himself down on me and I gasped from his weight. He thought it was from the kiss and groaned. “Oh baby…” he said turned on. I then realized something. I didn’t like Grant. The feelings I was feeling where old feelings. Not new ones. The news ones I felt were……oh my god! I was in love with Zane Walker! My eyes opened and I pushed Grant off me grinning like an idiot. “What’s wrong baby?” his words slurred together and I knew for a fact he was drunk.

    “Ha. Nothing. But you know what?” he leaned in forward toward me putting his hand on my breast.

    “What?” he asked. I pulled his hand off me and looked him straight in the eyes.

    “I don’t love you anymore. Actually I don’t even think I like you as a person.” His mouth came open and his eyes got wide stunned that I would say something like that.

    “What?” he asked confused. I stood up still grinning and looked down at him.

    “I was never really in love with you Grant! At least I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. Maybe it was a puppy love but nothing more. But I was so interested in you that I forgot I had this deep down weird strange most interesting feeling toward Zane, this whole time!” I said throwing my hands in the air. Admitting it out loud made my heart pound and me want to cry with joy, or at least jump up and down like a school girl.

    “You mean Walker?” Grant asked loudly. I nodded staring off at the wall. I need to tell him. Tonight. I have time. It’s not too late. I need to. Then maybe we can be together. For real, for real. Oh my gosh Zane! I’ve always been in love with you! I looked back down at a frowning and confused Grant.

    “Grant…I got to go.” I said and ran toward the door.

    “Wait!” he called. I swung open the door scaring a couple in the corner.

    “Oops sorry!” I said still giddy.

    “Ollie wait!” he said. I turned toward the door. He stared at me his eyes dull and his hair matted. He looked like an average guy to me.

    “Oh! Sorry! I forgot to thank you.” he frowned.

    “The hell?” he asked. I grinned even bigger.

    “Thank you for being an a*****e and dumping me. If you didn’t I would still be with you. And probably very unhappy. And thanks for calling me Ollie because I actually hate that name with a passion!” he was looking at me as if I was insane. The couple in the corner I couldn’t tell who they were but they were watching and listening to us.

    “You’re such a b***h Olivia!” he yelled furious. I laughed stilling grinning.

    “I know!” I leaned forward and kissed his cheek then patted his arm. His eyes rolled back a little in his head. “But if you didn’t dump me I would be a much bigger b***h of an idiot for being with you,” I confirmed. He was about to curse at me when his eyes rolled back into his and he flopped to the ground and was snoring. I laughed then ran down the hallway at full speed. I have to go see Zane! I have to tell him how I really feel! That I love him!