• The sun grows larger and the darkness disappears from the city. This city, once the greatest city of the world, is now grey, sad, and close to distruction. Then, guns fire. Yells of officers, screams of the wounded, the last breath leaving the dead. War. This war has been going on for quite some time. It is called, as the civilians named, "The Zoo" for its crazyness.

    During this war, the civilians have been killed. The population has gone down. The weaponry of the opposing army was far more superior and in the end, they had won. But one last attack for defence, a bomb was dropped. Everything was wiped out.

    10 years later. The year is 2050. Its finally quiet. No more chirping birds, no more laughing, no more crying, and no more gun fire. The only sound is the sound of the wind, brushing passed dead trees or any trash left on the streets. All of the sudden, the first noise for 10 years, a squeak of a door. Then, the first human sound, a cough. "Hello?" called the voice. "Anyone here?" No reply. And there shall never be one.