Death can be a scary thing. It can make you fear, keep you awake at night, wonder who's around the corner, hope and pray you won't be killed...

    Eichi apparently decided not to tell me the secret because every time I brought it up when we got home, he'd shy away from the subject. I looked at him with pleading eyes and retried,

    "Eichi, what were you going to tell me? You know, that secret?" I asked, smiling a fake, square smile. He sighed and looked at me with serious, blood red eyes that pierced through my soul.

    "Ayu, I have a question. Why would Takuto ever want you taken away from me?"

    I sighed coldly and gave up. Eichi looked away from me and mocked my sad sigh. I knew I had to lighten the mood, so I smiled upbeatedly. I flung my arm around Eichi's shoulder and giggled. He looked at me like I was insane, but chuckled after a few seconds. I hummed a happy tune, and he gave me the "You're Crazy," look again. I groaned and muttered unhappily,

    "Eichi, you have too much bad energy. Get rid of it now,"

    He chuckled at my short lecture. We smiled at each other, willingly sharing eye-contact for about five seconds until Wakoji and Takuto stormed downstairs and into the living room, placing themselves on the floor in fron of the couch. Eichi and I were sitting on the couch, giving them odd looks. They were spoiling our "Let's Be Uber Fricking Happy" moment.

    "Takuto, Wakoji," Eichi said worryingly, "What's wrong? Is there... a problem?" He fidgeted with his hands; something I'd never seen him do before. His eyes darted from me, to Takuto, to Wakoji, and the three of us he gazed at one at a time all had slightly confused, slightly worried faces.

    Wakoji spoke up first, "Yes. There will be a full moon tonight, therefore the Werewolves will be after Ayu. They suprisingly only change at about 11 at night tonight. I guess they can't wait to get a taste of Ayu's... 'different' blood." Takuto's pupils darted nervously over to me, and he added, "Wakoji forgot to mention that... that tonight the Werewolves will destroy or kill anything in their way of Ayu."

    I swallowed hard, but that didn't make the lump in my throat dissapear. Tears burst from my eyes and I wailed like a little kid. Eichi patted my back reassuringly, but that didn't stop my bawling. "E-E-Eichiiiiii! Protect m-me!" I cried. Although my vision was blurry, I could still see the time on my phone; 10:36 pm. I inhaled sharply, on the verge of hypervenilating. I exhaled just as sharply, and soon enough, I wasn't getting enough air.

    "Eichi, go get Ayu into your clothes; we need to cover up her scent for the night," Wakoji explained. Before I could open my mouth to protest, I was already in Eichi's arms and halfway up the stairs. We glided into his--no, wait, it was pretty much both of ours--room and shut the door. He threw a pair of his jeans and T-Shirt at me. I stripped down to only my bra and underwear, making sure he didn't look. I stumbled into his jeans and tugged his shirt over my head. I put my shoes on again as it hit 11 pm.

    Eichi grabbed my hand, demanded I shut my eyes, and we appeared in the living room as I opened my eyes. I felt dizzy, but Wakoji urged, "Eichi, get her onto your back and teleport to the nearest woods. Takuto, you and I can just run. Now, Eichi, get Ayu out of her NOW!" And as soon as he belted that last word, Eichi picked me up and clung me to his back. I shut my eyes tightly out of reflex, and we appeared in the woods. About five minutes after Eichi set me onto the ground and sat next to me, Takuto and Wakoji came into view. Werewolves appeared in the view as well, with fresh blood smeared all around their jaw. It smelled strong; to strong to hold back my vomit. I stood up and hacked into a bush.

    Eichi stood up as well, and he, Wakoji, and Takuto circled protectively around me. One of the three Werewolves growled and pounced at me quickly, but Eichi was quicker. He moved in front of me, shielding me. The Werewolf crashed into him, and I backed up in time for Eichi to stumble backwards without falling. The Werewolf growled fiercely again and I squealed, wanting to vomit in the bush again. Wakoji ran off, surprisingly, along with Takuto. Great.

    "Takuto! Wakoji! Where are y--?!" I got cut off by being fiercely bit in the shoulder. I screamed and Eichi glared at the Werewolf, bearing his fangs and growling. The Werewolf used its paw to stomp on my left wrist and I screamed as I heard a crack. My whole wrist bone cracked in half. Eichi let out a deafening growl and pounced on the Werewolf, boaring his cuspidate fangs into the Werewolf's neck. The other two Werewolves had fleed, probably because they were scared to have Eichi's wrath unleashed on them.

    A boy came out of the shadows with dark, eerie blood red eyes and he waved the Werewolf away, carrying Eichi with it. I called out to Eichi, but he dissapeared into the shadows with the Werewolf. My left wrist bone, the broken one, hurt like Hell. The boy, who looked no younger than me, 19 at the oldest, drug me by my broken wrist bone into a dark cave. I scrambled to my feet and squeaked in fear. The boy only chuckled. "Hello, dinner, hello, immortality," was all he said before he dug his fangs into my left wrist, the broken one. I screamed and realized he was a Werewolf, but he hadn't transformed yet.

    I yelled out in pain, and whimpered in nauseaousness. My blood messily splattered over the Wolf-boy's mouth, and the occasional billion drops of blood would drip onto the cold cave ground. A throaty groan escaped from my lips and the Werewolf boy ripped his mouth away. He glared at me and growled, "I was two drops away from immortality, and you dare inturrupt me by groaning in pain?! You. Will. Pay," and then he picked me up by the collar of my shirt, only to forcefully throw me onto the ground.

    My left wrist bounced on the floor and I screamed; partly in pain, partly in defeat. The Werewolf boy stomped on my already extremely pained, broken wrist. I cried out loudly as I heard it snap. He then picked my limp, strengthless body up, kissed me roughly, then threw me back down fiercely. I cried out again, quieter this time. The boy snickered and said, "Oh, by the way, my name is Rauel. Pronounced Rah-oo-ahl."

    I sighed and frowned, not wanting to know his name at all. He snickered again and said, "I'd like to get my immortality now," and picked me back up. I could barely move; I was unstrengthened. He bore his fangs into the same spot he bit about five minutes ago, getting my blood all over his face again. I groaned quietly, silently praying Eichi would appear next to me and kill this... Rauel guy.

    As if he heard that, he grinned victoriously and demanded, "Scream for your useless, probably dead boyfriend, will ya?" I shook my head, refusing to open my mouth. He continued to drink, but he bit even harder and I screamed louder than I ever had before. He stumbled backwards, glaring at me.

    "You ruin my chances of becoming immortal again, weak little girl? You'll die, along with your stupid little boyfriend. He's prolly being demolished by the Werewolf he bit; Vincent. You'll pay again, weak little human," he spat that last word out like it was plaque on his teeth.

    I would have made a severely smart-a** comment about that, but I was too busy dying slowly to care.