• Gasping for air. Being stuck in the water. In the middle of the ocean. There was only darkness. Trying as hard I could to get up to the surface my legs kicked and arms pulled as hard as I could, with all of the strength that I possibly had in me.
    I was not moving.
    My hair was in my face. Bubbles were coming from my mouth, trying to shout for someone to help. My body was going lower and lower into the deepness of the water. The aphotic liquid was increasing. Fear and worry stuck in my heart and mind.
    The surface was above me, glistening with a shade of silver. There was moonlight.
    I looked down as I saw there was nothing to the naked eye. Just blackness below. Darker than the night sky when there were no stars or moon lighting it up like a glow protecting from harm. No night light. It was just cold, dark, and death down there.
    Something against my foot.
    Shifting my head two big eyes bulged out of their sockets. The black pupils stared back at me. A rim of color around the black holes was empty. Short waved hair, high cheek bones, and a round up nose were neighbors to those windows.
    It was my dad.
    And he was dead. My dad's hand tightly held on to my foot. His fingers were pale as bleach could brighten. They felt cold, colder than the melted ice that I sinking into. Screeching at the top of my lungs they were being filled with salty sea water. But no sound was coming out, just bubbles that were filling my vision in front of me, choking water flowing in.
    I tried to pry the hand off of my foot, but it wouldn't budge. I gripped and grabbed, but nothing happened His hand was super glued, making him an anchor. I went deeper and deeper into the bottom of the ocean. The light at the surface was fading. The moonlight that I saw above was going away. Falling away from me I was being pulled down to my watery grave.
    My chest shot up in my bed. Gasping for air my fingers clawed my hair. Relieved that it was only a dream I choked out shattered breaths.
    My sheets were a little damp with sweat. My forehead felt cold on the back of my hand. Chills were running down my spine. My body switched from fired hot to a cold that surrounded my body in a matter of broken time. I wrapped my blanket around me. But then the burn of hot flashes took over. I tossed the blanket, frustrated at my abnormal hormones.
    Leaping out of bed my clock blinked 2:19 am. I looked out my bedroom window where there was a full moon chilling in the twinkled sky covered with slashes of gray dust. The moonlight shined into my room, making all of my walls an airy silver, looking vacant and numb. A chill spike in my body again as once more the blanket was thrashed around my body.
    God damn, stupid veins.