• Zelda: "You can't go Link!"
    Link:"I have to Zelda,if i don't the land of Nobal will continue to live in chaos!"
    Link:"I'm done talking, i'm leaving and there's nothing you can to do to stop me!"Link turned his back to Zelda and mounted his horse, not knowing he would never see Zelda again.Night was fast approaching and Link was wandering through the woods completely lost.
    Navi:"I told you we should have taken a right at that last tree!"
    Link:"We probably would have gotten more lost then."
    Navi:"Then why don't we set up camp for the night?"
    Link:"I don't think that's such a good idea, there's something omnious about these woods."At that moment a rustle from a nearby bush.Link's eyes quickly darted to the bush, awaiting what was going to come out.A wolfos jumped out and bit Epona.Epona whinnied in pain and bucked Link off.
    Navi:"Are you okay Link?"
    Link:"Yeah, I'm fine but i gotta get Epona under control."Link stood up and attempted to calm Epona down but the minute he touched her, she bolted. Link:"Epona!"Red eyes broke through the darkness and more wolfos appeared.
    Navi:"What do we do now, we're surrounded."
    Link:"This."Blue magic surrounded Link's sword and he let out a ferocious spin.
    Link:"Spin Attack!"The wolfos went down as they let out a painful howl, leaving behind some rupees.
    Link:"Heh, That was easy."
    Navi:"Shouldn't we look for Epona?"Link:"Or we could just do it the easy way."
    Link took out his ocarina and played Epona's Song but it didn't work.
    Link:"Why didn't it work?"At that moment Link was forced to the ground by a powerful spell.
    Navi:"Who's there?!"A dark figure stepped out of the shadows.
    Link:"W-who are you?"
    Daime:"I'm Daime, the chaos of Nobal."
    A shocked expression appeared on Link's face.Daime kneeled down by Link. Daime:"Your're the Legendary Hero, aren't you?"
    Link:"Yeah and i'm going to kill you."A smirk formed on her face.
    Daime:"Is that so?"The jewel on her staff started glowing and so did Link.
    Navi:"Link!"Link had been turned into a kid.
    Daime:"I'd like to see you try and kill me now!"Daime turned her back on Link and opened a portal underneath him.
    Daime:"i can at least help you get to your destination."Link and Navi were sucked into the portal, on there way to Nobal.Link came to in a forest.
    Lea:"Oh good, your're awake."
    Link:"Where am i?"
    Lea:"your're in Waker Forest, in the kingdom of Nobal.Link jumped up excitedly.
    Link:"I'm really in Nobal?!"
    Link: (I made it!)
    Lea:"Do you wanna come to my house, to get cleaned up and change out of that oversized tunic.Link gripped his head.
    Link: (I forgot, i was turned into a little kid!)"Uh.....sure."Link followed Lea to her house in Waker Village.
    Link:"This sure is a nice village."
    Lea:"Yeah i know, it's the safest place in all of Nobal."
    Lea:"Yep, there's a barrier around the village which prevents monsters from getting in."
    Link:"Cool."(It would great if we had something like that back at Hyrule)When they arrived at Lea's house Lea started a bath for Link.
    Lea:"So, how's the water?"
    Link:"Real nice."
    Lea:"That's good."Lea had walked into the bathroom wearing only a towel.Link covered his eyes and started blushing.
    Link:"What are you doing?!"Lea tilted her head to the side.
    Lea:"I'm going to join you, is that a problem?"
    Lea:"Okay."Lea removed her towel and got in.Link lowered his face into the water and started blowing bubbles.
    Link: (if she knew i was really 17 she wouldn't be okay with it...)Lea grabbed the shampoo bottle and started shampooing her hair.
    Lea:"So, what's your name?
    Link mumbled his name through the bubbles.
    Lea:"Huh?"Link lifted his face from the water.
    Link:"It's Link."Lea had started shampooing Link's hair.
    Lea:"That name sounds really familar for some reason.
    Link:"It does?
    Lea:"Yeah, weird.
    Link:"What about you?"
    Lea:"Huh?Oh, my name's Lea.Link grinned.
    Link:"That's a pretty name."Lea giggled.
    Lea:"Thanks, your name is nice too."When they were done Lea found a tunic for Link to where.
    Link:"Wow, this is nice."Where did you get it?"
    Lea:I made it.Link was admiring the tunic in the mirror.
    Lea:"Do you wanna help me with the shopping for tonight's dinner?"
    Link:"Sure."As soon they stepped outside the ground started shaking and the sky turned red.
    Link:"What's going on?!"
    Lea:"I don't know...this is strange..."Meanwhile the volcano south of the village was erupting and a red dragon flew out of the lava spewing opening of the volcano.