• tab She walk in and hears the chatter of hundred of students all talking to each other. Girls dressed in beautiful dresses or skirts, boys in tuxes they will only wear for this special occasion. She look around for my friends and spot them sitting in a corner, he catches her eye so she waves. He is the only reason she showed up, to see her one crush since she first moved down here. That crush eventually turned into a love so strong it was all she could do not to grab him and kiss him. She gracefully walked over and sat down next to him, the only open chair left. She hated dances, she was a Junior and had never had her first kiss, or had even had her first boyfriend. She was interested in no one, and no one was interested in her so she would probably stay single all through high school, not that she had an issue with that. The thing she had an issue with was the boy sitting directly to her left, the one she had first met down here, the one who she has loved since freshmen year, the one who doesnt know of her secret crush, the picture of them together in her locker, the diary journals with his name written all over it. He’s oblivious to her in every single way. But tonight he looked at her to make a joke and his breath caught. She looked at him quizzically. He swallows and says “Will you dance with me?” just as a slow beat comes on for the first slow dance of the night. She blushes and accepts and they twirl on to the dance floor.
    tab With the ambiance and all the couples dancing around them, they stare into each others eyes and she prays to god that he will make a move and kiss her. He smiles and just as the song ends, leans his head down and places his lips on hers. Her arms wrap around his neck, reveling in the feeling of his lips on hers, of the taste of him, and of the scent of his breath. She feels her stomach tighten with emotion and shes flooded with them. Love, happiness, and the reality that after all her fantasies it has finally actually become a reality. She smiles as they move apart and all she can see are his eyes, the color of the sea, smiling into hers. They never let go of each other for the rest of the dance, and they are both happy with that.