• She walked, down the dark alley.With her cat-like tail behind her and her ears perked and her hair blocking her eyes.She looked back and saw.Someone in the distant mist she sighed and walked on but the footsteps behind her got closer so she turned to look back although no one was there.She turned back around to see him right in front of her.W-what are you doing?What do you want from me? She asked.I don't want anything but you he siad.W-what? she said.You heard me your a cutie and i want you so i will have you.No you won't.She said sharply.Oh,yes i will.He said with a slight laugh.No you won't leave me alone i did nothing to you.she said lightly.Yes you did your not doing as i say so...You will die now!Leave me alone mister im warning you stop trying to scare me so i can beg for mercy it's not gonna happen.*Her eyes were glowing with rage*.Nice kitty you should be afraid after all i am more powerful than you!.She did nothing and walked on.*He grabed her arm and said*"Don't play hard to get". *She had her eyes closed now they were open and glowing red she turned around and pounced on the strange person and said slowly."Do not...Touch...Me...Ever again in your...Useless...Life.She got off of him and turned back around and she felt him tug her arm again. *She turned around and knives came out of her tail and she gently put her tail around him*. I told you not to touch me i could kill you now if i wanted...but you didnt do to much damage leave me alone and stay out of my way.*She said looking into his eyes as mines werre glowing red*. He looked terrified a if he never saw a person before.She walked on and left him to be shocked.

    More will be here soon please tell me if i did a good job or not (: