• "Please don’t" I cried out as the knife came down at my throat, but I was too late. The last thing I saw was my murderers glistening eyes looking down on me as I died.


    I’ve searched and tortured him for exactly 1 day short of a year since my murder without him knowing it was me. Little does he know that he is going to die…soon. I’ve been nice so far but when he dies…I want it to be as painful as mine was.

    He was sitting there, on the couch, just sitting there, not expecting his life to come to an end. It is today, the mark of a year since my death, that he will die. It will be painful. Maybe even worse than mine. He took me from the person I love. He has no family, no life, no anything. He doesn’t lose anything when he dies, so it won’t be a short death. No blood will be lost. That will be the challenge.

    I opened and shut the door. “Who’s there” he asked. He stood up and started walking over to the door. I grabbed him by the hair and threw him on the floor. “What the…” he started to stay but I already had my hands around his neck, cutting off his air ways. I could hear his heart start to beat faster and I chuckled. He stared at me without seeing anything, eyes wide with terror.

    “Do you remember this voice?” I asked. “ I’m the girl you killed on this exact night a year ago” I chuckled again as the recognition shone in his face.

    “No, it can’t be” he whispered.

    “Oh, yes” I said. “It can. See when you suffer a cruel demise you have to stay on earth, unseen, for exactly a year before you can move on. I have 2 hours until I get to go; I’m planning to use every second of it torturing you and then I will kill you” his eyes widened a little more, pure terror showing rather than the glistening joy that was shining in them as he killed me. “As you can tell you will have a slow and terrible death…” I paused as my words sunk in “but if you cooperate I might make it go a little faster” I finished.

    “What do you want to know?” he asked in a hoarse voice that made me smile.

    “Why did you do it?” I asked all hints of humor gone.

    It took him a minute to answer and when he did I got confused.

    “I knew him” he whispered.

    “Knew who?” I asked.

    “Your husband” he answered with a sneer.

    My eyes widened in shock. “How?” I asked.

    “He was a popular guy in school. I was a nobody. He got everything I wanted. When he fell in love with you his senior year I knew there was only one way to get payback; killing you. So I spent three years making a full proof plan to do so without getting caught. Another year was spent getting supplies. Then I got you alone and you know the rest.” He said voice stronger than ever.

    That did it. I snapped. “You killed me for revenge? You took me away from him all because he was popular in school? You deserve to die! I loved him, I still do! How could you take me away from him?” I screamed at him. His eyes widened as I grasped his leg and broke it. I did the same to the other leg and his arms. He let out an ear splitting scream when I grabbed his head. I snapped his neck and threw his lifeless body to the ground.


    I had 10 minutes till I passed on. I went to my old house to see my true love and tell him good bye. I went inside and found him on our bed, tears going silently down his face. I went over and lay my hand on his arm. He jerked upward.

    “Who’s there?” he shouted.

    “It’s me” I whispered.

    His eyes widened and more tears fell down his face. It would have killed me to see him like that if I were still alive. “It can’t be” he whispered, his eyes glistening with tears. Tears of my own spilled down my face.

    “It is” I said. “I came to say good bye and I love you before I have to leave” I whispered, more tears falling.

    “How can you be here? Are you a ghost?” he asked.

    “I am a ghost” I started “and I’m passing on in about 5 minutes. I got to stay on earth for a year because of how I died” I finished.

    “I’m so sorry. We haven’t found the guy who killed you yet. I’m so, so sorry.” He said.

    I chuckled half-heartedly “Oh, I wouldn’t be worried about him. If you hear about a guy with his arms and legs broken with a snapped neck and not a fingerprint on him; don’t get scared.”

    He smiled “I love you” he whispered.

    “I love you, too. I have to go now. Good bye and be safe” I whispered back, tears rolling silently down my face.

    “Bye” tears of his own streaming down his face.

    “I’ll be watching you” I whispered and he gave a small smile. I gave him a kiss and backed away.

    I was soaring in blackness with a small light ahead coming closer and closer till I finally went through it. I saw everyone I loved that had passed away there. My mom, my dad, my grandparents, and everyone else I’ve known that has died. I think I can stay here and be happy until he meets up with me again I thought to myself, and let a small smile show on my face.