• A dark summer night in the forest of Las'Mirnov, Marion Willowclimber padded gently around the roots of several monstrous Elm trees hunting a beast. The wind was whistling softly rustling the leaves of the trees, the grass was stained with fresh human blood. She knew she was close. She pulled the bow off of her back as she notched an arrow into place, she padded along the forest following the trail of blood and the scent of death.
    "This ground must be purified by the Forest shaman" she said in a whisper of disgust. As she looked around trees for the monsters lair she came across a rotting gnome corpse, his blood caked all over his body maggots crawling in and out of his rotting flesh. The monster seemed to have enjoyed his feast as the gnomes intestines were missing as were his eyes. Marion had to look away from the slaughter and continue on her path even though she mourned the death of the unfortunate gnome. "This has to be the most vile creature to exist, the way it leaves its meals lying around is disgusting, the least the beast could have done was eat the whole carcass not just the intestines."
    The wind started blowing hard as she got closer to the scent and it was making her gag as the smell of fresh gore surrounded her. The area around her got darker the closer she walked further into a thicket of trees, she heard a low earth shaking growl and a mountain of fur turned around to face her. Marion gasped as she realized it was Fenris. "What are you doing here beast?! The Gods dealt with you many eons ago!" Fenris laughed maniacally in his wolfish voice he said "Silly Elf, Gods never truly die and I am one hundred percent God." His eyes started glowing red like fire as he howled into the night shaking the moon its self, smoke emitted from his nose and mouth as he glared at Marion.
    Blood still dripped from his last victim, Marion looked dead into Fenris's eyes and they glowed almost as red as the fires of hell, "Vile beast even though I might not be able to vanquish you forever I will send you back to your hell hole for another eon!" Marion starting running toward Fenris her long brown hair flowing behind her and she let fly her notched arrow at the Fenris and she rolled to the right and fenris swatted to her knocking her arrow away like a fly and almost crushing her.
    "Gods be damned!" She swore as Fenris howled again she took the opportunity to start casting a vines spell to entangle maybe if the spell was effective it would bind him to the earth. kyfei oontanx drong kyfei oontanx versvesh nakta nomeno kaldaka persvek vin ro tonopar!" Fenris started charging the tree she was at trying to eat her but the roots of the forest stopped Fenris in his flight. The roots burst from the ground sundering the earth blood of the victims of Fenris flew in every direction, the wind was starting to pitch again and the earth was shaking as Fenris struggled against his bond that were slowly crepping up his legs and body soon the grabbed a hold of his mouth.
    Marion took this opportunity to notch her bow again and ran to Fenris his eyes widened as he realized what was happening. Marion's arrow was glowing a bright red as she got closer, she jumped in the air and let fly the arrow right into Fenris's eye and through his brain. Fenris went limp after a moment of not moving. He was defeated... for now... Marion grabbed her Elvish blade and sliced off Fenris's head as a trophy and proof that she had slain a god. She started walking back to her village but half way there she fell over exhausted. Magic was not her strongest skill and those two spells she cast used up all of her energy. Hours later she woke up Fenris's head still in her hands she felt a new power flowing through her veins and she felt like she could take on Fenris ten times more. She put his head on her shoulders and continued her walk to the village whistling a victory song.
    A few hours later she made it to her town but it wasnt what she remembered. Everything was destroyed, a new rage crept up inside of Marion that scared her but she wanted revenge. She heard a couch coming from one of the burned down houses a delicate child like cough she ran over to the building and threw rock and planks out of the way as she dug deeper still until she found the source of the voice a little Dwarfish girl. She hugged the poor girl and picked her up and carried her away from buildings. The Dwarf girl must have been no older than 10 she had nice features with a long ponytail "Little one what happened here?" Marion asked concerned the little dwarf coughed "It was Quinn! The Emperor of Guil'Roy he launched an attack to seize this kingdom. At least thats what papa told me, where is papa anyways?" She coughed again and Marion kissed the girl on the forehead "Little one I dont think your papa is around anymore neither is your mother but ill take care of you little one, whats your name?" Marion smiled at the girl to make her feel more comfortable "My name is Rosie... Rosie Rubybinder" she said blushing "Rosie" Marion said lovingly and brushed back her hair "My little Rosie."