• It was there, behind the rocks i saw something extraordinary. A boy of what seems to be sixteen, drifted out from his cabin, feet lighter than a feather. I peeked my head out a bit more from the rocks to see him better. His blonde, shoulder length hair shoned in the beating sun. The boy walked to the side of the cabin and picked up two sticks. What is he thinking about doing, i wouldnt know. But as i watched him enter the ocean's waters, everything began to fade into white.

    "Hatsu!" A voice called out. Hatsu woke with a startle and was nearly blinded by the sunlight seeping through the windows. "It's fish and steamed seaweed." Hatsu's mother was calling after him for breakfast. Hearing the words steamed seaweed, Hatsu bolted up-right and charged at the door. But before he got into the hall, he stopped and turned around, remembering that he has yet to put on khaki shorts.

    Once changed, Hatsu started for the door again and down the stairs that lead into the kitchen. "Goodmorning Mother, how did you sleep?"
    "Wonderfully. Yourself?"
    "I slept fine, but had that dream again. Would you have any clue as to why I have such dreams?"
    "I do not, but could you set the table up?"

    Without another word, Hatsu followed his order and the table was quickly set. Soon enough, Hatsu's little sister came down the stairs, rubbing her still sleepy eyes. As she entered the kitchen, her brother and mother went completely silent. The silence didnt come from hate or anything against her, but the slience was fear. Fear of what the girl may ask. Although Hatsu and their mother wished she wouldn't, the girl did ask.

    "Momma, has papa come back?" There were no words for an answer, only tears flowed down the mother's face as she walked out of the room. Hatsu bent down to his sister's height.

    "Aya...Father has not returned, nor will he anytime soon." Hatsu told Aya in a soft tone.
    "Why? Why won't he be back soon?" Replied the girl in confusion.
    "Maybe when your older I'll tell you, maybe.." Hatsu's voice trailed off, and what was said didnt lessen Aya's confusion.

    Getting up, Hatsu walked around the kitchen gathering ingredients to make Aya some breakfast. Once she was all happy and eating, he went to go eat his favorite seaweed food, now cold.