• She sits in a corner twiddling her thumbs
    rolling her fingers
    Biting her nails
    She drifts away into her own thoughts
    Memories really.......memories of a beautiful yesterday
    When she ran to him and he hugged her tight
    When he’d sing to her until late in the night
    When he held her and comforted her when her tears ran free
    When he whispered “you’re the only one for me”....
    She shakes her head as if to awaken from a dream
    She turns....left then right.... as if expecting to see a long forgotten memory
    She leans back....a crouch really with her head bent over her knees

    She tried.... oh how she tried to hold all that she felt in a bottle........deep inside
    But her heart was broken, her dream shattered, the hard brunt of reality hit her....
    Full force
    “It hurts” she cried...in her heart too afraid someone would hear
    “Why is it me thats broken” she whispers only for her own ears as her tears run,
    following a path along her cheeks
    As her tears run her heart shatters, as her heart shatters.... her soul withers
    She had hoped that the dream in her heart would become real
    But she was wrong....the walls of her world came crumbling down around her
    And alone she sat
    In a corner
    With her head on her knees

    Death wasn’t the end
    But for her maybe it should have been
    How many times she had wondered why him?
    How many curses she had thrown to the wind,
    to the world,
    to the universe
    To FATE!
    How many times she took a raiser to her wrist.... not slitting deep enough
    How many pills she had taken...but not taking enough
    How many nights she drank herself numb.....but not enough to forget!
    “Oh god” she whispered
    My heart wept for her.....
    I felt her pain like it was my own
    I tasted her tears and felt it to my bones
    I quaked...I mourned for her

    How cruel death could be,
    how unkind its hand....
    Taking the only person who could understand
    she was different.....in thought, actions and creed
    not many people understood....many didn’t even try see
    She learned to hide her feeling, to keep her thoughts to herself, to smile with everyone until
    Her face was numb, until her mind was blank, until she could forget
    Disappearing into her world she would lose conscious
    dreaming of a love, of a hope......of him
    The one guy who could set her free......
    From this cold and cruel reality

    She sits in a corner with her head on her knees
    Waiting for him......
    Her crimson tears run, her lips tremble......
    she can barely feel her heart beat
    She tries to stay calm.....
    trying to breathe
    She closes her eyes
    And drifts away
    To the place where
    He would be......

    So as her blood runs
    As she falls into a dream
    Ill watch from my corner
    And let her be
    For what is life without the one who made you
    Believe in something
    even a DREAM.........