• "Welcome, everyone, to the last match of the year!" The announcer's voice echoed through the stands. "Slytherin versus Gryffindor! They both battled their ways up to the championship, but who will prevail? Slytherin--" one half of the stadium cheered, "or Gryffindor?" The other half cheered.

    "Oh, I hope Ron doesn't hurt himself this time..." Hermione said loudly to Ginny, trying to speak over all the noise of the cheering spectators. "Last time, he was in the hospital wing for three days due to the bludger hitting him in the back of the head."

    Ginny smiled at the thought of her brother getting hit. "He's had worse. One time, Fred and George gave him some candy that made him walk backwards. Those stairs did him in for a good week."

    Hermione looked at her in disbelief. "Oh, come on, Mione, he'll be fine. Harry should be the one we're worried about, the new seeker for Slytherin looks determined. Plus, he's twice the size of Goyle."

    The crowed cheered. Whilst they were talking, Slytherin gained ten points.

    "Bugger. Let's just hope the game ends in the best way possible, with no one getting hurt this time." Ginny hushed Hermione, pushing aside any worry she had, and started cheering for Gryffindor.

    "You did it again, Harry! Those Slytherins didn't know what they had coming!" Hermione cheered.

    "Yeah, I just wish the other seeker wouldn't have landed on me and tried to pry it out of my hand." Harry looked down at his bruised and mangled hand. Trying to move it was out of the question.

    "Don't worry, Harry. This is the wizarding world, a broken hand is highly repairable." Ron said delightedly, patting Harry on the back. Harry winced, the big oaf that landed on him messed his back up as well.

    "Oh, sorry." Ron looked away, embarrassed.

    "He'll be fine, children. Just give him an hour or two, and I'll have him as good as new!" Madam Pomfrey walked in, saying her words so cheerfully everyone had to smile.

    "We'll be in the Common Room when you're all right, Harry." Ginny gave him a small kiss on the forehead, forcing a blush across Harry's face.

    "Like she said, I'll be fine in an hour or two. I'll see you guys soon."

    "Bloody hell, why does it have to hurt so bad? Make it bloody stop before I have my bloody father come up here and bloody fire you!" Draco Malfoy moaned in pain. Crabbe and Goyle carried him to a bed and dropped him onto it.

    "Ouch, you bloody buffoons! Where the hell is she?" Draco's voice bounced off the walls.

    Harry snorted.

    "What the hell are you laughing at Potter?" Draco snapped.

    "Now, now, calm down. What's wrong?" Madam Pomfrey walked in, holding a cold pack for Harry's hand.

    "My bloody stomach, that's what!" Draco moaned and heaved, yet nothing left his stomach. "I think someone poisoned me!"

    "I doubt it." Harry couldn't stop the words from leaving his mouth.

    Before Draco could say anything, Madam Pomfrey handed him a small vial of transparent green liquid. "Whatever is ailing you will soon be gone with this. Give it an hour or two. Your friends should leave for now, you're going to need your rest." She shooed his goons away.

    "Great, now I'm stuck here with you." Draco sneered, drinking the liquid within the vial. "This is horrid."

    Harry shrugged him off, ignoring whatever he was saying. The doors opened, and in came someone dressed in a hooded gown. Harry could not see the person's face. The person walked over to Draco's bed.

    "My dearest." The person said with a whisper. It was the sound of a female voice. This intrigued Harry, making him strain to hear the conversation.

    "You are all right, Draco? I do hope you are going to be well soon." The voice sounded familiar, yet he couldn't put a face or name on it.

    "Not here, love. Later. I'll send for you." Draco whispered back to her, raising himself to meet her hooded face. She kneeled closer to him. Draco's face was close enough to her's that Harry was sure they kissed, yet he couldn't tell. He still could not see her face.

    She walked out, being sure that she went without giving away who she was.

    "Secret lover, ey, Malfoy?" Harry mocked.

    Draco shrugged him off, closing his eyes. Within seconds, he was snoring.

    "I should have mentioned it would make him fall asleep." Madam Pomfrey said, walking into the room. She walked over to the bed Harry was sitting on, inspecting his hand.

    "Looks as though you're almost good to go, Potter. Just take this pill to finish the job, and you may be on your way." She handed him a large pill, the size of the end of his finger, and watched him as he tried to gulp it down.

    Once he did, she shooed him out, saying something about how Malfoy needed his rest.

    Hopefully, Harry thought, that girl will still be close and I can follow her.

    He stormed off, determined to find out who this mystery woman was.