• The world as we know it is ending. To keep any piece of our sanity we must fight, even though the constant fighting could eventually lead to even worse insanity, but even so, I decide to fight for my right to live then slowly slip away in hunger, sickness, and loss of everything that is sane. My life has changed, dramatically. Very dramatically. I can still remember that very first day things started to go wrong. I can't believe it was only one month ago. I feel like I've been in this world of bloodshed and horror for years already, but that might be my insanity talking.

    It was a regular day. I, being an absolutely normal teenager, woke up for school, ate breakfast, and slipped out the door before my parents even awoke. The walk to school was long but peaceful in the warm weather of spring. School would be out in a couple of weeks and I was planning my amazing summer vacation every day instead of working on my studies. Summer was the best part of year. Not anymore.

    The streets and miles passed by me in no time and just in time for the bell I made it to Kamigen High. This high school wasn't big, or pretty, or even popular. Just, an average, no-care, high school. The front doors were flooded with kids being let in to start their morning classes. I walked through slowly, eyeing the crowd for a friend to talk to. I found my bestie and walked to class with her. We sat down and the teacher started his lecher. Classes went by, meaningless words were passed through, and the day ended quickly without anything special. A normal day. My last.

    The abnormality started about 5:30 pm, when the birds outside started going nuts and screeching as loud as they could. Minutes after they started, all the dogs in the neighborhood howled and growled and barked with all their might. Then the rest of the animals in town went nuts. Squirrels purposely threw nuts at passersby, any animal you went up to would growl, or hiss then try to bite you, birds knocked down everything they could and tried to scratch any human in sight, and everything else went against everything they ever acted kindly to.

    Mother and Father ordered me to stay inside and threw our pet Chihuahua out the door after he attacked my baby brother. My younger sister's turtle was smashed against the pavement, breaking its shell, killing it, and causing my sister to burst into tears, after it had bit her finger so hard she was furiously bleeding.

    We all huddled in the living room in front of the television, watching the 6 o'clock breaking news. Apparently, all across the country and even the whole world, there were animals going wild. Horses leading stampedes out of their fields and running over innocent farmers and their families, zoo animals, like polar bears and lions, couldn't be fed because they had managed to absolutely tear apart one worker who had been working with them for years, pets who had lovingly been with their owners for years started biting and practically killing every human in sight, birds pecked and scratching at everything, even the giant forests in other countries had their usually friendly animal come out and attack the villages.

    My sister's crying and my brother's crying increased with every sad story that was playing on the TV. I started to shake. What was happening? Every animal on earth was going crazy, but why?

    This insanity went on for days. The animals didn't seem to get any better but worse. Breaking down doors and crashing through windows just to attack something that would scream, and run, and bleed. Luckily our house stayed safe for us. Nothing got in, but we didn't go out. Obviously school was canceled because no one could go one step out their door, or even open their door, without being eaten by crazed dogs and cats and squirrels. Every day my younger siblings would cry, mad at my parents for being so mean to the 'poor animals', yet still terrified of those same animals.

    I stayed in my room, trying to get used to the sound of constant slams against my window by attacking birds. Over the days, my window had started to grow red. Every time I looked at it I'd shake and cry. My only question to all that was happening around me was, why? Why did this have to happen? Why won't it stop? Why so suddenly?

    Everything changed on the 9th day after the animals' betrayal. It was exactly noon when the noise started. Everyone could hear it but no one could describe it. It wasn't like a noise coming from outside that we could hear through the door. It was a strange constant… sound coming from inside each of our heads. We could all hear the same thing but in each one of heads alone. My siblings had already started sleeping most of the day and all of the night away, barely eating, and pretty much giving up on their young lives. I couldn't bear to even see them. My brother who had just began to walk, now lay in his cradle, sound asleep at every hour of the day. His energy gone. His mind disintegrating. His life force dyeing. He was now a lump of flesh that we could barely keep alive.

    My sister who was usually a happy 9-year-old was now just as bad. Her oddly colored bright blond hair was starting to lose its color from all the darkness. Amazingly after all this time, we still had power but her lights were always off. She would lie in her bed crying. Mother tried to cheer her up and talk to her, saying everything would go back to normal in a little while and that all the animals would be ok. She would cry harder and then call her own mother a liar. She'd say that most of the animals will die and the rest will stay mindless killing machines. She'd say we'd all die, and no one would be left. She says each of our names, our distant family's names, and all of her friend's names over and over again and after each name she's state; "Dead." I never went to her room after I heard for the first time that little speech. Something had changed in her. Her mind was slowly losing its sanity and becoming a depressing vision of a future death world. Even so, Mother goes to her everyday and tries to get her mind out of all those horrible thoughts.

    We've tried contacting our family, but the only thing they could say was the same thing was happening to them where they were and they were scared and didn't know what to do. I called each of my friends, but only got the same answer. Slowly… each and every person on earth was going insane, but I had to believe. I had to hope that we won't die as my sister so firmly states day after day. We have to live, survive, and hope for a clear future, not one where we couldn't even go outside our houses without being killed by vicious animals. I wanted to live, I had to live… and I lived.

    It had been another three days after the sound started. After it didn't stop after the first night, my mother had started randomly screaming bloody murder. She was breaking. She couldn't handle it. We were stuck in our house; her children were dyeing and had been driven into insanity, and that noise. It wasn't particularly annoying, it just… wouldn't stop. Even Father started showing signs of his sanity starting to weaken against it. I tried to encourage them, make them feel better, but nothing worked. On the third day, Mother didn't get out of bed. She refused to eat. We had to wait till she was asleep to force-feed her. She had broken. She didn't believe anymore. She didn't see a light at the end of her tunnel. It was all dark in her world. There was no use for living anymore for her. She just couldn't take it. There was still random scream attacks, and she started vomiting out anything she ate, which wasn't much since our food supply was now deathly low.

    More days went by. Father had stopped counting but I was still on it. Two weeks. Fourteen days. We've been stuck in this insane world for two whole weeks. Father was starting to lose it, starting his own random acts of deathly screams. I was the only one feeding them now. My siblings so skinny you could visibly count each one of their ribs. Mother is getting worse each day.

    On the 15th day… Father gave in. He stayed in bed. Not moving. Just many hours of unconsciousness and few hours of silent, depressing consciousness. I fed them all. At first I would burst into tears at the sight of them, but now I came in like a nurse at a mental hospital, talking to them slowly, doing whatever they wished, and telling them fake hopes about getting better. My only question was; how had I not fallen into this state yet. My parents were older and more mature but they had fallen deep while I still had much hope. I had to keep believing that we would live, and stay a family forever. I wanted to believe it, I would believe it, and I had to!

    It was the next day. The 16th day since this all started. May 28th. There were so many that died that horrible day. Everything I knew about the world ended that day. I was gone. I learned more about what had actually happened that day after it happened. It was another day. I awoke to the noise, easily ignoring it now. I took the last few bits of cereal and made everyone at least some breakfast, giving myself the least. I gave it to my siblings then my mother then father. I was about to leave the room when Father stopped me.

    "Please," he cried weakly, his voice so dry and hoarse it sounded like a faint whisper. I went to him. Even though it was hard on him to talk I was so glad to hear his voice. I knelt at his bed side, staring intently at his thin, wrinkled face.

    "Yes, Father," I said, holding my breath for an answer.

    "My dear daughter, your mother, and I, and your younger siblings will not live, so stop giving us your only food," were his stiff words. I was shocked.

    "No! I cannot do that! You are my family, and I must take care of you. I will not stop feeding you Father!" He smiled weakly. Even the moving of his own lips was painful to him.

    "You have not lost your mind yet so you don't know. We all know we will die, but you, my dear, will live on for us. Our time will come very soon, and it's no use to try and lengthen what cannot go on longer then it is meant to. Soon, your life will change. You will struggle and have to fight for your own survival. Please, live on. You must never give in." Tears fell from my eyes creating permanent lines down my pale cheeks.

    "Today… you will face your test of survival. You cannot be afraid. You must believe that you will leave. You must have no hesitation to this challenge. You cannot fail us. You're our only hope to live on and you must fulfill this wish. Please, leave us to our inevitable destiny and live on. Live on… live on… live-" his eyes closed and he became silent. I quickly checked… he was breathing, he only fell asleep.

    I went down to the living room and sat in the couch looking at the blank screen on the television. What had father meant? What challenge? How did he know about this? Why must I live? I couldn't live without them; they were my family, a part of me. Why did father want to die? I knew it couldn't be his time yet? He wasn't even old. My head was filled with many questions. The question flew out of my mind when simultaneously the sound in my head and the loud noises that the animals had been making since the first day stopped. I gasped in shock. I raced to the window, pulling back the curtains and saw through the few clear parts of the window that wasn't soaked in blood that every single living thing outside had turned to something down the street. Their eyes has turned blood red over the days but they were all wide open, all their attention they had was focused on whatever they were looking at. I cautiously went to the door and opened the big wooden one. I looked through the screen door and saw that the noise the door had made hadn't caught any of their attentions. I slowly opened the screen door and slipped out. I only stared at the animals, terrified that they would suddenly attack but curious to what amazing thing had suddenly stopped their violent spree of madness for.

    I accidentally went in from of a black lab dog, blocking its view and squeaked as I readied for an attack. Nothing came. I opened my eyes and looked at the dog. It still stared straight, as if seeing the image it was so keen on through me. I cautiously touched its nose. It didn't move. I poked its wide eye, and nothing happened. What was it that they could be looking that they couldn't see, hear, or feel anything else. It was finally then that I looked with the rest of them the object that had caught their attention. My own eyes grew wide as I stared as well. I moved into the middle of the street to get a better view. What… is that!

    A light. Dark violet. Almost like a sunset of all violet but somehow obviously not. It was much brighter yet you could open your eyes as far as they could go and the light still wouldn't bother them. It was bright and shining far, making everything you could see glowing in violet. It was beautiful, but intimidating. Amazing, yet disgusting. Peaceful, yet violent. It was like fate… and…

    It was moving closer.

    It looked slow at first, but you could obviously see the light coming to you and getting brighter. With each inch it covered the faster it went till it was fiercely coming at an alarming pace and still speeding up. My breathing hitched as it got closer and closer, devouring everything it touched and turning it into its own violet light. I let out and a scream.

    I ran. I ran, but not for long. Less than 20 yards traveled under my feat then…

    There was nothing but violet before my eyes. I tried to scream but my breath left me and didn't come back. I was surrounded with the light and my eyes were closing… sending me into the lights darkness.