• BEWARE SCENES OF GORE, I Don't want to have to put a warning on it....

    I loved pokemon, I played all the games, yellow, leaf green, sapphire and soul silver were my favourites. But more than them, was pokemon mystery dungeon games. I loved how they would walk and battle on their own, no one to command them, how their expressions would change, instead of being the same old face all the time, and most of all, I loved my starter pokemon.

    From the start I always had fire pokemon in my team, whether it was a cyndaquil, torchic, charmander, whatever. But I decided to get explorers of sky, because that had my favourite pokemon, as you might be able to tell, shinx.

    It came in the post and I pounced on it, played it constantly, took 5 tries to get shinx (had to lie about my gender) but it was worth it, completed the main storyline in two days, I could now venture on my own, so, I decided to leaver sulphur (cyndaquil) behind, I loved doing missions on my own, no need to worry about your partner dying. Before I knew it I was diamond rank.

    One time I waltzed into spinda café, that's weird, no one was there, only a client, a cyndaquil, I clicked and it said 'I'm really mad at my partner, please help me reach him!' That was weird, usually the client is worried, but I paid no attention to that, the mission popped up.

    Client: cyndaquil
    Objective: Escort cyndaquil
    Place: ???
    Restrictions: Have to have SHINX in party
    Difficulty: ??? (???)
    Reward: ???
    Wonder Mail S:
    ***** ******* *****
    ***** ******* *****

    I was getting I bit freaked out, no wonder mail code, no difficulty, but I can explore a new dungeon! Cool! I thought I had explored them all! I instantly pressed A, accepting it. cyndaquil only said: '…' and walked off, instead of staying where it was. Oh well, Time to get ready!

    I went into town, got the usual 2 of everything, apples, oran berries, max elixirs, and my lucky red bow, and set off, not forgetting to store my money, and saving at the well on the way out. I went to the job menu and clicked on the mission, clicking 'take job', the screen popped up saying 'You can now go to Revenge Island! Revenge island? I never saw that on the site. Oh well, it should be ghost typed judging by the title, and with shinx knowing crunch and bite I was set, off I went!

    The usual shinx icon walked across the map, but instead of landing on an island, it landed on a dark smudge on the map, it looked almost like a black cloud. The screen saying what floor popped up:

    Revenge Island F-

    Okaaaay, now this was getting freaky, it doesn't know what floor I was on? I JUST ENTERED! I thought my friend played with my game with his action replay again.. but no, it was the weekend, I got it on Friday when I got home, he couldn't of. But I decided once again I was looking into things too much and carried on.

    I seemed to of landed in a corridor, because the usual circle was around me and dark outside of it, I tried going up, nothing, I went down, then right, then finally left, okay, left it is... I must have been walking for a while, because I lost patience and pressed the B button, making him run. And when he hit the end, a text box appeared with shinx's face looking in agony, the text was a thought:
    'Owch! I ran too far too fast and couldn't stop! What am I doing here anyway? I cant see anything... Please help!'

    My eyes widened with that thought, I couldn't escape, I had no escape orb, I never saw a reason to use one, so I carried on, this time walking, but the left button wasn't responsive, neither was the down or right, wait, I just came from the right? Right?? I'm not going crazy am I?

    I pressed the up button, it worked, I was walking up for a while, eyes glued on the screen, feeling just as scared as the shinx inside my game must be, after a while I notice something, there wasn't a map like the usual dungeons, I had it set so the map was on the lower screen, I looked at the top screen, maybe I accidentally changed the options? But NO, I found it even worse than the button screen, why hadn't I looked before?

    The stat screen I usually had at the top was changed, instead of blue boxes for each pokemon, there was bloody red splats, and the shinx icon that should have been there was looking scared, I Don't remember it looking scared before, its eyes widened, and it had a red scarf covering its mouth, probably the red bow it had attached, but one thing that shouldn't of been there no matter what was there. One of its eyes was red, the other yellow.... Ohhhh arceus, its Spark, from my drawings.

    Let me explain, Spark is a shinx I drew, its scarf covered its mouth and one eye was an unusual colour of red, his partner was a zoura, haze, who had a scarf over one eye, I draw them a lot, but Don't post them all on here.

    But this was impossible, Even if I named my shinx after Spark, which I did, NO SHINX in the history of the official games had one red eye and one yellow, why was spark on this game?!
    Looking at the other things on the stat screen, I noticed his HP was 10,000 and his level was 15, when it should be 40, I wanted to put the game down so much, I was trembling, and I then I saw it.

    Spark was trembling too, his icon at the top changed and the bottom one, even though I was holding up the whole time, was shaking like it was paralysed, even though I was walking. I tested something out, I decided to pretend to be brave, I knew it was stupid it was coping my emotions, but I had to try, so I did, and so did Spark, with a angry but determined look on his face.

    Back onto the bottom screen, Spark had hit another wall, the text screen appeared again, 'I should be getting nearer, wait, where is cyndaquil, I was sent here to escort him, maybe I should go deeper'
    A light appeared over a set of stairs
    'Look, stairs, lets go &'"$$^£'' Okay...... now the chat box was glitching up, or he was actually swearing, but I decided to walk over to the stairs, but something blocked my path, I tried going around and eventually made I to them, but another set of stairs popped up before I could get to the other stairs,
    'Stairs to BAZAAR' I clicked Ascend, And I entered secret bazaar, thank arceus! Something NORMAL.

    But it wasn't, the kirlia was an odd colour, and shape, it looked like a gardevoir, but red and black, I walked over and clicked A, the text box popped up 'Is Spark more important than me? Id protect you with my life &'"NN^£'! The gardevoir picture was black skin and red hair....oooh......Grace. It was Grace.

    I decided after a second of remembering Grace to look around the rest of the pokemon, next up was a white charizard with blue flame, I instantly pressed A,
    'Why did you do that to Grace? You KNOW how much she means to me '&ANN^£'! And to me too, you forgot us..... The charizard sprite was white, with one scar going down an eye, and headphones with a pattern of a warning sign on them, his name was JHONATHAN. Not John, he was the kindest pokemon I drew! Even if he was INSANELY powerful. The bags around John were ripped into shreds, or at least seemed that way, oran berries and purple goop mixed together to make a sort of toxic waste surrounding him, with only a path at the front to get to him. I walked up to the next on, a sign said 'Spark has been poisoned!' I presumed from the toxic water around Johnathan.

    I went to the next stall, this one was covered in green cake, some looked like eyeballs were in them and others had sickly pink icing to go on the sickly green cakes, and as I thought, an absol this time, was in the middle, but she was eating, the ugly, green eyeball cakes. I nearly threw up at the realism, Sparks icon at the top turned yellow with sickness, and purple blotched were showing up on it, I pressed A accidently, I didn't want to see this one, it was too painful.

    'MYSTI: ….(absol is eating, it has a painful look on its face, it seems to of cried too much)' I pressed A again, 'MYSTI: ….. YOU...'&ANNI£'... YOU DID THIS TO US, MADE IS CARRY ON DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN.... I HAVE TO EAT... YOU MADE ME LOVE CAKE, NOW LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED, I ATE TOO MANY, I MAKE THEM OUT OF ANYTHING THESE DAYS, A LOT OF RESCUERS COME HERE, I MADE SOME OUT OF THEM, THEN I THROW UP, THEN I EAT THE CAKE IN MY SICK, YOU MADE ME.....you made me this way......i was supposed to enjoy eating cakes.....

    I felt utterly helpless, so all the explorers not it spinda cafe were eaten...? by Mysti? I looked again at the cakes, one of them in particular, it had an octopus leg hanging out of it, then I remembered something, I pressed A on absol again, 'MYSTI: ANYTHING I made them out of ANYTHING.' A tear fell down mine and Spark's cheeks, Absol had been eating itself too, patched of fur and its horn were gone, leaving red blotches that had been ripped off again and again. Ohhhhh, I was sick this time, avoiding my DS. Spark, as it did before, copied me, and was sick, now a icky yellow green (with orange bits) was all over its mouth. I got back up onto my chair, I HAD TO finish this.

    Off to the next stand, This one had matted yellow-green grass, and four pokemon stood at it, this one was not as bad and was tolerable. The four pokemon were one luxray, one black and blue shinx with two tails, one blaziken, and one typhlosion. Please oh please Don't be who I think you are...
    It was.
    'Luxray: remember me? I was your first pokemon you had on pearl, you loved me, trained me to lv 100, we battled and won all the time, now I have a scar on my covered eye, and have been neglected in a broken game.' The Luxray sprite had one eye covered by an eye patch, his fur matted, and the other eye was crying. The one next to him spoke next:

    'Ty: remember me? I was your first pokemon you EVER had, we loved we laughed, we cried, and we beat red on Mt. Silver in crystal. Remember? You loved me so much you revived me on Soul Silver, yes that's right, I am the SAME typhlosion, now I too have been neglected, put aside, eventually my fur turned brown and my flame died out, if I were your charizard, id of died, LIKE HIM.' Ty, my first pokemon ever, had brown underbelly, instead of a bright cream, his flame wasn't fired up, and he had a grim look on his face, showing his overgrown teeth. Blaziken up next:

    'BLAZIKEN: I bet you remembered me first, I was your most LOVED pokemon '&ANNIE' , we battle, you traded me to diamond, those long cold days migrating were worth it, I LOV%D you too I LO$%D you more than anyone, yet you didn't LO$D me, you LO$T me, I am no where now, fading in and out of darkness, I grew to be more powerful than ever before, I KNOW you tried to replace me, I saw as you got all those helpless, abused torchics, and you raised them, giving up once you KNEW they weren't me, I was neglected all the same....'
    My blaziken was my most precious pokemon I had, I loved her with all my heart, I even remembered her nature, and all her moves, the way she looked like she had white hair but wasn't shiny, I was devastated when I lost her. Yet I knew what was coming next.

    'Lux:...you know me...right? I have no species, but you called me GLITCH at first, a GLITCH shinx, a mix between a shinx and a MISSINGNO, then next thing I know, I'm named Lux, Don't get me wrong, I love the name, but wasn't someone before me named Lux? I...a.m...i... j.u.s.t..a. c.o.p.y....'&annie'?' The screen started Glitching up, left was right the right was right again, then, the screen inverted, black was white, but most of all that made me scared, were the sprites, Spark in the middle, with all my past pokemon surrounding him.

    Mysti, Jhonathan, Lux, Luxray, BLAZIKEN, KYOGRE, RAYQUAZZA, MEW, Grace, Lux, Ty, everyone, every single one I ever loved with all my heart, surrounding him, with deformed figures, weird colouring, original colouring, everything right down to the scars on their faces, the top screen show detailed designs of each and every one of them, each even more detailed than the next, but they all had one thing in common, the sad and revengeful look on their faces.

    Ah.. now I knew why it was called revenge island. Then suddenly, NO.ONE.CAN.ESCAPE. Rang though my DS' sound, over and over, and a deep male voice I used to have, I had a very manly voice for a girl when I was young, even more so today. It rang over and over, laughing with each word, the crackle in my voice as it got louder and louder, I covered my ear with one hand and pressed up on the D-pad, eventually getting to a warp portal, I pressed B and ran to it.

    It was like at the end of a cave, brown-yellow stone covering the rocks, and a boss, infront of the portal to escape the dungeon. Except this was no boss, he- I knew it was a he, was my partner, or my client, a cyndaquil, he walked forward, and began to talk with a pained face:
    'Sulphur: Y..ou.. ….'DANNIE'.....Y...OU...TOOK.. SPARK....AWAY..F.R..O.M.... ME....h. e....was..my.. best .friend.. you REPL..ACED....me with a ...ZOURA..... HAZE... was .it?.. NEVER... AGAIN... WILL YOU...REPLACE ME...with another.....Spark...shall.....stay...with me..... I brought... those pokemon of yours 'DANNIE' to prove a point... of how you abused us, when you before LOV$D us.... MAKE...SURE...you. .. LOV$ us again.. one warning.... or ill BRING....him...out...YOU KNOW...whO I MeAn....

    Sulphur walked away, Spark following him, crying, and grabbed on... fell to the ground.. struggling to get up again.. 'pOsIONeD, SiCkEnEd, ChOpPEd, reVeGeD ShInx fainted...' , ahhh, he did everything just like me eh? I looked at my self, green skin, purple blotches, my fingers were severed from my hand, leaving my thumb and index finger to play the game, my arm had slashes all over it, my legs were gone, leaving beetles in their place, feasting on them, dark black hair fell from my head.... weird.. I Don't remember having black hair.... ah... I must be 'DANNIE' my character I designed to enjoy playing pokemon with.... maybe ill be able to play with my pokemon now.... the message replayed : ' pOsIONeD, SiCkEnEd, ChOpPEd, reVeGeD DANNIE waS SaVEd To PokEmON MyStErY DUnDUnGEon.' 'LoW PoWEr, DS TuRNinG Off PoWeR.' …..........

    'YoU MaY FinD ThaT yOu canNoT EsCaPE EitHer, HeAvEn MaY ASWelL Be HellllllLLlLlL.'