• Once upon a time, in ancient japan, lived two girls, Raya and Miyu. This is the story of how those two friends would become enemies, and how their lives would change forever.

    "Come on Miyu, it's just a little farther!" Raya called. Miyu, who was far behind, was bent over with her hands on her knees, gasping for breath. "How long have we been running? I'm so tired!" Miyu complained. "Would you run longer if I told you I found an ancient rune?" Raya said in a singsong voice. Miyu's eyes grew wide. "A rune?!" Miyu loved to translate runes, and was the best in her class.
    "Yes, and we're almost there!"
    That got Miyu excited. "Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Miyu dashed ahead, and Raya followed along, a small smile on her face. She knew how to get Miyu on her feet.

    "Here we are."
    They were standing at the entrance of a cave, dark and foreboding. Miyu looked doubtful. "All this for a rune? I'm not so sure."
    "But Miyu, this may be the only rune we'll ever find!" And with that, she ran into the cave. "Raya, wait!" Miyu cried. Then, she ran into the cave along with her. Why did Raya never listen?

    A few minutes later, they came across the rune. "Toldja", Raya said with a grin. Miyu ignored her, and went over to the runes, placed in between two pairs of formations of stalagmites and stalactites. "What does it say?" Raya asked. "Shh", Miyu said. Then she looked more closely at the runes. "It says 'Placed in these cages, lay two beasts, stronger and greater then any of their own kind. When the riders of these beasts touch their fur, they both shall awaken, and both pairs shall become greater then any force.'". Miyu stared in horror. "Those aren't formations, they're cages! Raya, we've gotta get out of here!" But it was too late. Raya had run to one of the cages, where a great form was sleeping. As soon as she touched the fur, the cage began to glow. "Raya, what did you do?!" Miyu screamed. She sprinted over to where Miyu stood, and dragged her away. The glowing cage exploded into tiny shards. The girls screamed and covered their eyes as the pieces flew everywhere. A huge cloud of dirt blocked the girl's eyesight, and for a moment, they couldn'd see. But Raya saw a sillhouette rise from the rocks. Then, the dust settled. As soon as it settled, Raya saw what the sillhouette truly was. A huge wolf, bigger then any she had seen, stood before them. It raised its muzzle, and sniffed the air. Then it spotted Miyu and Raya. The girls clung to each other, as the wolf stared at them. Then, from no where, spoke a voice. Where am I? The voice seemed to enamate from the wolf. Raya spoke, in a trembling voice,"This is the sixteenth century, in Japan".
    ...no... NO! Where is my pack?! For how long have I been in slumber?! The wolf charged towards the girls. Then, he grabbed Raya by the neck. Miyu screamed, and tried to grab Raya's hand. But the massive wolf flung Raya into the air. Then, as she came down, caught her on his back. He charged out of the cave, and ran at a speed that could not be seen at the naked eye. Poor Raya could only cling to his neck. The wolf charged out of the forest, and stopped. The town below them, Raya and Miyu's home, shone brightly. Raya could see the wolf's eyes, full of bitter rage. This town was a forest, where I lived. And now it's gone! He ran down the hill and into the town. Then, Raya watched in horror as he destroyed the homes. She watched all of it from the beast's back. An hour went by, and by the end of it, the town was in ruins. Then, the wolf ran away, carrying Raya with him.

    It is all gone.
    The wolf sat on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the forest. Raya sat watching him. Deep in her heart, she was scared. But... She felt something else... And it was anger.
    "It is all gone for me, too!"
    Raya sprang up, rage in her eyes. "Why did you destroy my home?! That was where I lived as well! Just because your home is gone, doesn't mean you can take my home away from me!" She stood there, panting heavily. Then, she collapsed into tears. The wolf, walkied slightly hesitantly to Raya. After a few moments, he said,You are right. Forgive me for my blind fury. Raya looked up, with a tear stained face. "No", she said. "I am sorry. This was your home. We had no right to build on it."
    It doesn't matter anymore. You need to come with me, seein as you have no home. I shall protect you more or less. Shall we be friends? Raya hesitated, then said,"Yes. We are friends".