• Natasha’s Diary
    Book 1. Meet Lil Tasha!

    “Yo hurry up Natasha were waiting for hours to leave this dam house!” shouted Hailey
    “Shut up Hailey don’t say rude words to Lil Tasha!” said Danny
    “Hailey is my older sister and older then Danny she is 16 years old and still single weird also raciest to black people , she is tall, skinny, not as pretty as me and mean, yeah they should call her bloody Mary or Rachel and she is white lol. My brother Danny is 14 but today 15 also not raciest to nobody he is not that tall quiet close to Hailey but I call her bloody Mary also white. Me I’m Natasha, 13 years old, I’m half cast it is so weird my brother and sister are white and I’m coloured …”
    “NATASHA!” screamed Hailey
    Oops I forgot late for school lol!
    “Bye mum!” said Natasha and then kissed her
    “Bye honey!”
    “Natasha you t**t you made me miss my Brad’s car” said Hailey
    “Sorry sis!”
    I ran as fast as I can its not my fault I was late that cow I wish was … School is so boring why they make us go me I only care that I see James the hottest guy in year 9 but is it his eyes that sparkle or his bisects what do you think?
    “Hey Angel!” said Natasha excitedly
    “ Hi Lil Tasha!” said Angel excitedly
    Ok I’ll tell you about Angel she is kind of a rude but really pretty also 13 but kind of younger than me I guess.
    “So why are you so happy Tasha?”
    “I finally made it into the cheerleading team!”
    “Why is that good?”
    “James and the other jocks work nearby”
    “Yes, so what about you?”
    “Well Tommy has a crush on a girl and the lucky one will go to the dance with him”
    “I Know!”
    heart heart heart heart heart