• I love singing more than anything, my dream is to become a professional singer and I am going to try my best to make that dream come true. it is my dream, my wish, and hopefully my future to become a singer, and i know it's every other kids dream to become a singer but first of all I'm not like those other kids and second I will do anything to become a singer. i know what your thinking "she'll do anything, no she won't" but trust me i will.
    everyone wants to hear me sing and they don't believe i can sing but i can, and a lot of people don't have proof but really after this story you won't need it, because i hope this story has convinced you enough to let you know i will give up anything to become a singer (mostly because if I'm a singer I'll get it all back) but i will risk it anyway, because it means more to me than anything else.
    thank you. heart