• As he laid under the tree the night shrouded around him like a dark cloud. It was inevitable and almost poisenous. His gray fur sticking up at all the sounds the forest made around him. He whimpered lightly, wishing for a companion.

    Slowly as the moon crept in the nigh sky Kiawa was in his unconsis form on the moutainous terrian. He didn't move at all in his slumber but he felt as if her were awake. he dreamt of his former mate and pack, being exiled and then coming to this point in time. Nothing compared to his loneliness at this time...nothing.

    The thought of the deer form earlier entered his mind. He wondered what the two felt like in that trap...staring at him...preparing for them to be their predators next mean. Soon enough he tossed in his sleep and grunted. An eyelid peeled opened and he grunted once more. A sharp pebble peirced his back. Moving to the side now he shook his fur and then stretched. exhaustion not being in his senses at the moment. He padded along in the night and sniffed for an easy snack to come across by. He hoped for simple hunting and a safe trip for him as he traveled to a new pack to call family or a new home.

    All of which he had to search for on his own and protect his own hide from predators. Humans with guns to be exact.