• Dear family,

    As we go into the new year, you have insulted me, threatened me bodily harm, threatened legal actions that are useless and tasteless. I do not have a family anymore, they died a long time ago when I was a child. I once had a father that I thought was the greatest dad in the world, someone I wanted to grow up to be. He was my hero, my everything. When I was seven or so, my father's anger got the best of him and he body slammed me. Now as a twenty almost twenty one year old woman, he threatened to do so again because I refused to hand over the keys to my car. My mother was a woman that I thought could do everything, she was my protector in my eyes. This is the same woman, that over the past six years of my life has verbally abused me, beat me, and double crossed me. She has turned on me more times than I could count, one minute we're friends when we go out, the next when we're home I'm her enemy.

    My brother, four years my junior, has always been very special to me. I have gone out of my way to protect him for most of his life from my father and others, only to be betrayed. He ignores me, hits me, insults me, cusses at me, and shows no respect and frankly could care less. I go out of my way time and time again to please you, my supposed family, that I have lost a good portion of my teenage and early young adult years. As I go into this year, you are fighting with me because I was out shopping with a friend and I was out all day. You say I do nothing, yet I pay rent, clean sometimes, and sometimes cook. Father, I helped you when you needed me, when you had your knee redone. But yet as I stand there yelling at you in a screaming match, you tell me that as soon as you get the other one fixed, you are going to get rid of my "a**". You compare me to your brother, my uncle, who you feel betrayed only you. I beg to differ, I am nothing like that monster, otherwise I would have left you years ago. You say that all I'm good for anymore, or along those lines, is for bills.

    You, my supposed parents, have always used my conscience against me, making me feel like a bad person for spending the night at a friend's house. I tell you that I love and respect you and you tell me that I lie, and that all I ever do is lie and be disrespectful. That's fine, I'm a liar and a b***h. That's alright, one day I will be emancipated and you will find that you messed up, and that you put someone who only is the most loyal to her family, in harms way time and time again. You say you worry because I feel suicidal and that I'm extremely emotional. I think you need to open your ears, they told you I was bipolar, and that you are the reason for my extreme thoughts of ending this living nightmare. I hope one day you look back and say, "We honestly sucked, we should have been better with this and that."

    I am not going to hold my breath, because I know better...

    Spoken in truth, your mistreated good for nothing heathen of a daughter,