• User ImageUser ImageBroken Tomorrow~ 1 Angel.
    When I was small, my mother always told me that when every tomorrow comes angels fall to earth and we go to heaven. I believed that maybe someday an angel would come during the break of dawn but they never came. My mother’s telling was a lie but she did go to heaven, because that tomorrow never came to her.
    I’m sixteen now, struggling to pay my rent and go to school. Why I don’t I quit school? Because my mom always told me she regretted not finishing high school. It’s late December now and it began to snow on my way home. I breathe in and out slowly watching my breath appear like smoke. I cut a few corners and take a short cut home. Dragging myself up the apartment stairs to the fourth floor I realize how lonely it is, nobody here ever talks to me the neighbors’ think I won’t last here long. The landlord can’t keep helping me with rent forever; I reach room 405, my room. The door was locked and I forgot the key as always. Luckily I keep a spare under the mat. When I got in I turned on the lights, the pale green walls reflected a mirror off outside windows, the snowfall’s shadows danced down the walls. The room was cold so I turn on the heat. It’s quite. I kick off my sneakers and put my feet on the coffee table. My mom would have yelled at me for that. I pull out the book we’re reading in English class, I’m too lazy. After watching some cartoons and the news I felt tired and decided maybe it was time to go to bed. Even with the heat on, it was cold being in this room alone.
    I woke up around 10:30 pm to a sound outside my balcony.
    I went outside to find a heavenly being on my balcony. He was beautiful, gold hair, flawless fair skin, and sky blue eyes; those eyes stared, they stared deep into my soul as if he could read me, my every thought paused and stood still in me head. Paralyzed, I stood completely still like a deer caught in head lights. Then after a couple seconds I realized how stupid I looked and moved towards him.
    “Ar-are you okay?” I asked nervously. What was I saying? There is strange person on my balcony. How did he even get up here?! His lips quivered, then moved.
    “Help me…” He said silently, and then collapsed onto the floor like a dead-weight.
    I noticed his shirt had been tattered and blood on his sleeve had been smeared. I hesitated to touch him and reached towards my phone but I could help leaving him. As the snow fell on both of us, I tried to lift him inside. Clearly this task was impossible for me; he is huge and ten times bigger than me and my child like complex could not lift him. I barely managed to drag him through the slide door and I shut it. What am I doing? For who knows what this stranger could be a complete maniac and I literally let him in my house as if he was a puppy on the sidewalk. I covered him with a wool blanket and sat on the couch, the snow outside piles up over the city and I watched.