• This is a story that every girl knows
    A story full of heartbreak and ache
    It starts out as a sweet innocent tale
    And ends in an abruption of tears

    I too loved someone so dearly
    He was perfect, well, perfect in my eyes
    He never did anything wrong
    The only thing he did wrong to me
    Was that he did not love me in return

    But I was blind to his flaws
    Like anyone in love would be
    I could see him in my mind
    Before I drifted off to sleep
    His gaze, his smile, his voice
    That sang so sweetly in my ears

    He was everything I wanted…
    But I felt I could never deserve such perfection

    I waited for him patiently
    For what seemed like years
    I sat in my cage and longed
    Hoping to one day hear him say…

    …I love you

    But as hard as one tries
    One sided love can never last
    And with tears in my eyes
    I decided to throw down the towel
    And walk away from it all
    Never to return to those images again

    But months later
    Those same tears
    From the day I said goodbye
    They filled my eyes again
    As the thought of you entered my mind
    And again I could hear
    Your sweet song playing in my ear

    And now I sit here
    I don’t mean to sound sullen or sad
    But how would you feel
    When you knew you couldn’t escape
    From the very thing you wanted
    And you knew you could never have it
    And you knew you had to let it go

    I don’t apologize for my tears
    I only apologize that I was never good enough
    That I could never be there for him
    That I will never be the one

    That I am so imperfect
    In the same eyes that sees
    Him to be so perfect