• It has seem like I've found something,
    Delicate, almost.
    Black against two white wings.
    Dark as Midnight, White as Lost Memories.
    Do I know you?
    It was too dark to see.
    I think you have a name;
    Tell me.

    Son of Snow,
    You have sought out the Warmth of Her,
    You thought She was The Light.
    You would've let Her help you, to take what was yours.
    But She let you Free. Your own Beauty was what Saved you in the end.
    But you never got your wish. You sought out the Light, only to be brought Back into Darkness.
    If you are to live here, then at least tell me your name...

    "I have the name of the Lost Memories, of the Dark Midnight.
    She gave me the name,
    And in Her Memory,
    I shall use it,"