• Love, Faith, Hope, and Fear

    God can grant you all of these, my dear.

    His love can wrap you in it's velvet folds,

    but will you have strength to hold,

    the love you have for God Himself?

    Love can drive you,

    provoke you,

    to do things that you wouldn't dream possible.

    It can steal your heart,

    and sell it to the dark.

    Where your love will be defamed,

    and you will feel lame,

    until you look back into the light.

    Faith, my dear, will make you fight.

    It will drive your soul,

    and take you out of that damned hole,

    some would call Hell.

    To keep that faith,

    you must have self control,

    to seal the darkness away.

    Faith will be your guardian angel,

    to guide you,

    to guard you,

    and light the way.

    Until you find yourself broke,

    and your faith rises like smoke,

    while you try to catch it again.

    Hope will be nourished,

    and you will be fed and find,

    your way again.

    Fear will be growing,

    I'm sorry to say,

    creeping like vines,

    on the walls of your mind, and the depths of your heart.

    Until it has it's grasp,

    and you can't even gasp,

    that love has ever held you.

    Think fast my dear,

    because faith can vanquish your fear.

    That smoke has accumulated,

    and if your willing to breath,

    you can suck it up and breath it again.

    Faith will give you the strength,

    to fight,

    and light,

    your way back out of the darkness.

    Welcome your angel back,

    because in the fullness of lack,

    you can lose it again.

    Love, Faith, Hope, and Fear.

    God can take away all, my dear.