• The water rose and kissed the sand, more and more every breath that it took.
    The sand diminished for it's love, more so with every look.

    I watched the sun set there in the waves an decided that I would follow.
    For all the light that I once shed, my heart was dark and hollow.

    My love, my heart, my soul... I have none of them anymore.
    They fled from me quite slowly, like the water overtaking the shore.

    I stood and met the waves, each stronger than the last.
    My feet were swallowed by the cold, rough sand, and the time for objections had past.

    The water took me greedily, with loving, open arms.
    I realized that I couldn't swim, but felt no real alarm.

    As the water flooded my open mouth, caught forever in a strangled cry,
    I knew that I swam like a rock, and that I would soon die.

    I rested my head in a bed of kelp an watched as the fish swam around.
    I closed my eyes in silence, running my fingers over the sandy ground.

    Sleep came to me like my lover gone, and I embraced it's touch.
    I didn't fear the loss of a life that hadn't lived that much.

    The sun was hot, my skin was flushed, and I unwillingly gasped for air.
    I lay ashore in the hot noon sand, feeling rejection so unfair.

    My love had promised me devotion forever and a place I could belong.
    I thought that his words were true, and dawn's light proved me wrong.

    And the sea, like my fickle lover, had just done the same.
    Two things in life are true:
    I swim like a rock, and am destined to lose in love's cruel game.