• There was an old chap who collected some crap,there were pile's of hats, filled to the brim with sleeping rats.

    He brought in a new load, he heave'd and he ho'd, up the stairs he would go!

    He set the load down, and plopped to the ground. He lay amongst the piles of trash, Thinking will this give me a rash?

    So he pattered away to the library, it was quite a contrary. He looked up diseases, he noticed that he had adopted the sneezes. He checked out the book, then ran home to cook a remedy.

    Now he was amongst the pile in the kitchen, the odor stunk just a smidgen. The neighbors junk began to pile on his front yard, all he could do was smile at the new arrivals. He swallowed the remedy, then burrows down deep into the trash, not even worrying about the rash.