• 3nodding Unreachable 3nodding

    I’ve hidden myself away
    Deep within myself
    The world outside just seems too loud
    So I stay, somewhere else
    I wonder if you think of me
    I wonder if you care
    If you really know that I’m still there,
    Hiding somewhere near

    I’m unreachable
    I’ve seen the look you’ve given other girls
    Years go by
    Tears flow dry
    And I know….
    I’m unreachable.

    And this is really why
    I’m never really safe
    It’s just too hard to come out
    I’m already too withdrawn
    I’m thinking about letting go
    To forget all my past
    And let myself free to roam
    Live life to the last…


    I shield myself from prying eyes
    I rarely let myself outside
    I watch everybody pass me by
    I feel the pain, throbbing inside

    Why don’t you come and set me free?
    I really thought you needed me
    So let’s see you do something
    Come on….for me….


    Come on, come on, come on
    Show me some bravery
    Come on, come on, come on
    You’ll never get past me
    Come on, come on, come on
    Come on and be my king
    Come on, come on, come on,
    Realize, my dreams….

    [Chorus!!!! Again!!!!]