• Don't cry, sadness, hiding in your eyes
    Forget everything done
    There's always more, there's a place in the sun
    Just forget their lies

    Never worth the pain
    Hearts torn in two
    Oh what a shame
    But they will never see, the person you could be
    Just feign it, one day you can leave them, emotions crippled and lame
    Happiness will come

    Soft cold nights embrace, is never as sweet as this
    So don't cry, or the shadows won't go away
    Disguse your fear, the terror you could never miss
    Never sway; you know what you've got to say

    They loved you but could you ever have loved them back?
    No I think not
    The pain was just too strong
    Don't worry, it can't last long

    Soon the day will dawn
    Just run off and never return
    Forget all the heartache
    The anger that coursed through your veins
    Some day they will awake
    So forget what it's like in chains

    For one day the sun will set
    Leaving behind all the rest