• Youh were turning into a man
    While I a young women
    Our parents were friends

    You were always there
    Youh always understood'

    Without a word
    without a sound you knew somthing was wrong
    Youh could always read me like a book.

    You said if I ever needed youh to just call
    but i deleted your number by accident
    and everyday i wish for it back.

    While all other girls loved youh for your looks
    I loved youh for what I knew layed beneath

    Youh were like my brother and my lover
    Ever know we didnt get there
    I sometime wonder if we would of become more that friends
    but i doubt it youh were more like family

    Youh always chose me over those girls
    Youh could always tell I felt insecure cause they were so pretty
    and i so plain and normal

    but youh said i was beautfiul
    and i loved to believe youh

    But now i know youh no more
    and everyday i miss youh more
    than the day before

    everyday i wonder if i will ever see you again
    and i pray to god that your ok.
    becuase losing you hurt me

    but if somthing were to happen to youh i think id die

    and now im in love
    and youh havent met him
    and youh dont know

    and each day i wonder if youd approve
    im not sure how he feels but
    i knew youh would of been there either way

    youh always stood by me no matter wat
    youh made me strong
    and youh turned me into the women i am today

    and if i never see youh again
    Ill always have a picture of youh in my heart
    and carry round the thought that i loved youh
    youh were like my brother
    youh made me strong

    and youh were there for me when everything was wrong
    and without youh i dont know how i would of survived
    because youh made me laugh and smile when no one else could

    So if i never see your face again
    Ill always have a picture of youh in my heart
    and the thought that i love youh
    youh were like family
    but betta than any other
    youh made me strong and ill always love youh
    and ill never forget youh
    youll always be in my heart.