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    Nights here are just worse than hell
    All the screaming and the fighting
    Is killing me even though Iam still alive

    You won't even notice a thing
    Because you hardly ever cared

    Iam just sitting here my eyes pouring tears
    Hours after hours you could have called me
    And told me you loved me for once

    But is that all really just a fantasy?
    A dream?
    Of course it was

    It always has to be a dream instead of reality
    The reality to which I hate
    The reality to which I have to live amongst the people
    That never really seemed to care about me

    Just like you never wanted me
    You were my hopes and my dreams
    That were crushed and shattered

    On that night you left me
    So now I am sitting here crying over you
    Someone who I shouldn't shed anything for

    This crying over you is holding only one reason
    A reason I will hold to myself

    I love you...