• I was standing by you,
    looking at the blurry window,
    I couldn't see a thing,but I knew you
    were there.

    So you decided to take my heart
    away from you.It's all because of me yeah
    I didn't want to do it oh oh oh it was
    hard for you and me to take a
    life hold it on oh oh yeah yeah!

    Paragraph 2=
    It depends on your whole life
    if im ready for this,but I can't take
    anymore of this! So you have to
    move on.

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Paragraph 3 =
    Now the days got worser
    and everyone is looking at
    me! what have you done to me
    are you trying to ruined me! yeah!!

    Repeat Chorus)

    So this thing was because of me oh oh oh oh...yeah.