• Oh see the dance go on,
    and reality gone.
    The dancers stop not with the song,
    they dance the whole night long.

    See their shadows sway to and fro,
    see which way their feet shall go.
    Notice the way they dance away,
    this is the way they shall stay.

    See the dance go on and on,
    with the past of reality long gone.
    Their love shall stay eternal,
    stopping would only be infernal.

    See their shadows dance to and fro,
    see the way their love is so.
    The shadows grow deeper,
    the darkness creeps near and nearer.

    See the dance go on and on,
    their love is now already won.
    The love has woven into their souls,
    you could put shadows in and fill bowls.

    See their shadows engulf them so,
    to light darkness does go.
    The poor lovers eaten away,
    Only I remember that day.

    Remember the dance that went on and on,
    remember the souls of the departed gone.
    Heed the words that I do say,
    from false love you stay away!