• The senseless will never make sense, no?
    Knock me unconscious
    Send me to wonderland
    Where I will be free

    Cut the cords of bonded time
    It is not linear, never will be.
    So overwhelm the senses
    Bring it on.

    Senseless and uncaring,
    Whispering to the crazy midnight
    This passionate voice makes no sense:
    It means the world

    What was thought forbidden tears,
    Turned to be a mockery.
    Maniacal laughter
    Stripped to the boneless heart.

    Ha! Lust thought love.
    Who would have thought such a thing?
    Not the insane one
    No, they’re too busy singing.

    So then, bloodcurdling scream,
    Fill the night with light
    As darkness descends the dawn,
    Ashes blow with the wind

    The senseless never make sense,
    But in all sense they do
    So laugh now, while you can
    It may be the last thing…before
    Darkness descends upon this
    Miserable night.