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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
A average day at Dad's...
Once apon a day at Dad's house...
Mo(that's me) walked up to Dad(David) and asked, "Hey, can I go on the computer? I finished meh homework." She gave a innocent grin.

Dad sighed, "Yeah. You can be on a hour." Mo smiled, running onto the computer and quickly pressing the internet icon through instinct.

Mo swept through the web to Gaia, where she went to the forms and battled vampires, getting free items for her avatar. Within five minutes of playing, Dad called out to her, "CLEAN YOUR ROOM." She frowned, the room was clean enough. "I can't believe this!" Remarked Jinx, her demon counterpart and her alter ego. "Mo, you KNOW it's clean enough-" Jinx's demonic voice was interupted by Lethinia(Alex)...

"MO, MO! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!" She laughed, then doing a wierd dance, most likeley imitating a mental child. Mo glared at her, standing up and walking into the room. She cleaned her bed, put away her scetch books and throwing away a few papers.

For the next ten minutes, Dad called her back and forth from the room, APPEARENTLY missing the one scrap of paper or the pencil in the closet. Lethinia and her argueed over who owned what. Jinx sighed, who was invisible-or in fact invisible to everyone but Mo, a figment of her minagination, but just as real as Mo at the same time. Jinx rubbed her head and sat on the floor, she was too tall to stand in the room, her long rabbit ears streatching her hight to a little over eleven feet. "Mo... This is unnessissary and rediculos." Dad called from the living room to get in the car-they were going to Grandmas to clean the house. "GAWD!" Mo cried out, "I thought we were cleaning it for TWO weeks, not THE ENTIRE MONTH!" Jinx looked worried, Mo was allready in a bad mood, but she never bezerked before in her lifetime-but she felt it coming....

When in the car ridding to Loomis, Mo sat in the front seat, positioned so that she couldn't see Dad or Lethinia. She just listened to the sweet humming of the car, lost in thought. But a large frown layed on her face. She wanted Dad to notice how mad she was, but at the same time not notice. In class, she always wanted to be invisible-oblivious to the world as she drew durring the near end of class. A small chibi(cuter-babish version of someone) Jinx sat on the dashboard, frowning as well.

"Mo... What you're feeling now is anger, fear of the future, and that pee-for-brains Haden... Dad will try to cheer you up, but don't let that loose this feeling. He might turn on the music to put you lost in thought-fantisising about your SG(Mo's manga) comics or a beautiful scenery... But if you let go of this feeling... you're going to be kept captive to fate. Letting yourself slide past and pretend to ignore what you NEED to feel. You're spirit-You're soul will die if you don't try to hold on..." Mo felt odd, everyone had told her not to bottle up her feelings or pout... but Jinx did really know what she was talking about... she felt right to ponder her angry thoughts.

Just as Jinx said... Dad did try to cheer her up and he did turn on the music-or mabye he just felt odd from the eeriee scilence that filled the car other than the beautiful humming of the car. "Haden can clean the windows then..." She overheard Dad say to Lethinia. Jinx nearly exploded! Mo only let out a small, inaudible whimper, which even she could barely hear. Later, they arrived at the house. She smiled,even still bottled mad, it was nice to see the old and welcoming house. She stept inside with Lethinia.

She vaccumed the floor as Lethinia sweeped the porch. She still had a large from on her face, but she felt happy to vacume the floors just... alone-listening to the warm and comforting humming. She helped clean some of the backround, scared of what may lay there in the bathtub.

After, she sighed, sitting in the back seat with Lethinia in the front. She pondered for a while then asked, "Lethinia, Can I listen to your I-pod?" But that only was a start of a large debate between the two. Lethinia growled, leaving. Minutes later, she came back. They talked of how much they hated Haden and Mo pondered... thinking that she'd live with the monster the rest of her life....

Finally, they drove down the freeway. She stared out the window... watching the cars slowly pass behind them. Lethinia got a phone call from Mom(Michelle) and handed the phone to Mo. Motook the phone to her ear and heard Mom's soothing voice. She smiled, even the sound of her seemed to whipe away all her anger... "Yeah Mom?" They started to talk....
The End

All these events are real..... Thank you for reading my life....

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Ergo War
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Nov 07, 2007 @ 12:26am
Wow. I thought I was the only one with a weird figment of my imagination that told me advice and whatnot. o.o;

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