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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
The Blender and the Fruit People....
This journal is dedicated to JP, Rikako, and Myself. :33
Once apon a time... where people used to believe that fruit/vegetable spirits existed in each one of us... (Like a zodiac sign) There was an island called... Bulljahn. The people here were happy and joyful. People celebrated rain and shine, and lived in little huts like the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings.... and appartment buildings. e__e;; The story begins with three small children....
Mo paced around her bed, waiting for "the blender" to start. The blender was a very ancient and sacred item. It was her thirteenth birthday. The blender would decide her fruit or vegetable spirit. She hoped she wasn't spinach. Mrs. Montgormory was a spinach spirit... and everyone hated her. Except for that ONE kid. He was preety wierd.

Suddenly... it rang. "OHMYGAWD!" Mo jumped into the air, then falling over. She layed there for a while, until it rang again and she had a spazz attack on the ground. "Ehhhgbrbrbgghhh...." She mumbled. Later, Mo arrived at the blender, a large stone statue of something that immitated a giant... welll.... a giant blender. She stared up at it. Then it buzzed twice, rubble spraying from the top, two other people walked up on the side of her. She recognized Rikako, "RIKAKO! Dear lord, I thought you allready had your spirit?" She gave a confused look.

"I.... I lied." Rikako gave a innocent smile.

"......... I don't get it." Mo still didn't understand, being the dumb red-head she was. Rikako sighed and looked away.

"Mo? Is thaaaat yoooouu??" Jp poked Mo, who was the person on her left. She hyperventalated and fainted. ".... Wierdo...." Jp nudged Mo with his foot and she squeaked. Then he threw a spork at her head. She sqeaked louder. "................................Weirdo."

"RRRRRMMMMMMMMMMBLLLLEEE!!!" Echoed the blender, then shook. Suddenly.... FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, a spotlight shined down on the three children.

Jp snickered. "Is this jeapordyyyyyyy????" Mo hit his arm and he squeaked. "Nehhhhhahahahahahhhhhhheheeeehhh." A elderly woman walked up infront of the three, studying them closley. "What are you looking at, creep?"

Mo laughed a little, then whispered to Rikako. "I think she liiiiikkes hiiiimmmm." Rikako snickered as well, then being struck with the cane the woman held. Mo screamed out, "CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE! You sick, monster you...." Then she was struck in the shoulder. "ZOHMYGAWD~!"

The elderly woman spoke out, "THE BLENDER HAS SPOKEN!" She pointed at Jp. "Youuuu....." She paused(For a second we all thought she just died on the spot... she was REALLY old. e_e) and smiled. "YOU ARE A COCONUT!!"

Jp screamed out in horror, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Then fell to to his knees and did a "fake cry."

"What's wrong, JP?" Asked Rikako, who couldn't help to stare aqwardly at the strange little boy.

"I-I'm...." He sniffed. "I'M LACTOSE INTOLERENNNTTTT!!!" (There's milk in coconut... Right? o_o) He stood up then looked at Mo. "I hope you're spinach." He gave a evil grin.

The woman pointed at Mo. "YOU ARE-"

"Are you gonna die again? Like last time with JP? Because that was preety cool." Rikako interupted.

"SHHHH. She MIGHT be able to hear!! It's rude to make fun of someone if they know what you're talking about!" Mo whispered.

"Yur a pineapple." The woman gave a sinister glare at Rikako.


The woman then pointed at Rikako. "Youuuuu.... OH HOW I GOT NERVE NOT TO NAME YOU SPINACH-But.... YOU'RE A STRAWBERRY!!!" She flew her hands in the air.

Rikako stared into space. "................ Oh." She scratched her head then whispered at Mo, "Um.... I didn't catch that."

Jp stared at the woman. "You... made.... me... a coconut." He chucked Mo at the blender. "GRAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I AM SOOO NOT WHITE ON THE INSIDE! I am an authentic mexican, thank you very much."

"But you don't even like TACO BELL." Rikako poked Jp's side.


Mo sat up, who was just thrown into a giant blender. "Ugh...." She put her hand againt the giant stone sculpture for suport, then suddenly slipping onto the ground. And with a loud crash, the blender fell into a small bookstore, then poofing into rubble. "......" Everyone stared at the broken pile of Blender, debree, and books. "Ummm.... I CAN FIX THAT."
The end.

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Dark Somnia
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Nov 30, 2007 @ 06:21am
OMG so AWsome XD , but that's not how it happend mo! * crys* how could you make a journel that doesn't even stick with the real story , THATS SO HORRABLE... * falls over in tears*( Nawh just joking) But didn't you say at lunch...? '''Ohhhh-Oh JP you can be a coconut. You're brown on the outside but white in the inside.''and I named you pineapple not some OLD WOMAN nor did she name me. Dx( I think I just killed you're whole journel) Itadakimasu Strawberry pineapple soomthie.. *Thumbs up* >D ( Do I make sense...?) Make sure you check the time I put this on I think I had too much to drink..( Milk...Not beer)

commentCommented on: Thu Dec 06, 2007 @ 02:42am
im not lackdosent whatever

Community Member
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