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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
Hot dogs.... THE TRUTH!!
This is the story about when Mo found out about........*dramatic pose* WHEN FOOD WAS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Just kidding! XD This is the day that Mo will find out what HOT DOGS ARE REALLY MADE OF!! burning_eyes

Chapter 1: The Hot Dog stand.... eek
Mo entered the county fair's ground. The rides were unsafe-looking and yet just too much fun! XD Mo tugged on her mom's shirt. "Mom, Mom, can we go to the food stand?? 3nodding " She smiled, trying to look cute and innocent.

Mom sighed. "Fine, but this is going in your allowence..." Mom walked up to the stand, buying a hot dog and a ice cream cone for Mo. "Here." She handed her the Vanilla cone, taking a bite out of the hot dog.

Mo smiled, licking the creamy goodness. Mo looked up at the hot dog. "Mom? What are hot dogs made out of?"

Chapter 2: The TRUTH!!!!
Mo's Mom froze. "Umm... There are rumors that... way back when, when people worked as slaves (like on Gaia xp ) they would turn the blender on to break up the pig meat... THE PEOPLE WOULD FALL IN THE BLENDER!!" burning_eyes

Mo stared at her mom aqwardly. "HA- Mom your funny... But if what you say is true, which I doubt, then... What part of the pig do they use??"

The Mom looked at Mo. "Mabye another time." She smiled, patting Mo's head. "But seriously. It's no rumor..."

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