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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
Mo walked into TGI Fridays. She waited fivteen minutes to get a table for, it was Friday. One of the most busiest days of the year. "Dear lord, this is taking WAAY too long." Later, a waiter gave her a table at a nice seat.

"Hello, mam' what will you be having tonight??" The waiter stood infront of the table, waiting for a relpy.

"Hmmm... I would like a medium Coca-Cola with some... Hmmm.." She scanned the menu. "Uhhh..."

"Mam??" The waitor started to tap his foot. "Mam, would you like me to come back later??"

"NO, NO WAIT!!" Mo scanned faster. "AUGH! I can't work under this presure!" Then, she saw it. "I KNOW WHAT I WILL HAVE!" She yelled.

"Ugh..." The waitor sighed, this being one of the most embarrassing days of his life. "And what will you be having??"

"I'll have a appitizer of fried greenbeans and the potsticker-thingys." She smiled, handing him The book in a childish manner. "There you go!"

"Right away, mam..." The waitor walked off. Twenty minutes later, her order arrived. "Will you be having a dessert??"

Mo snached the food. "Took you long enough!" She sighed, eating a potsticker. "Yeah, I'll have...." She took a slurp of her coke, nearly drinking all of it. "A.... OH! OH! I'll have a Oreo milkshake please?" She smiled, some soysause on her shirt.

The waitor flinched. "Okay...." Later, the milkshake came. He handed Mo the bill too. "There you go mam. Have a nice-"

Mo stared at the Bill, her hands crinckled the paper. "95 dollars... 95 dollars..." Her face was completely white from shock. She looked up at the waitor. "HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT WITH PRICES LIKE THESE?!?" She stood up, poking the waitor in the nose. "I WANT TO TALK TO THE MANAGER OF THIS BUILDING!!" She sat back down, arms crossed, muttering something.

"Mam, the bill's the bill. You can eather pay it or wash dishes..." The waitor stepped back, using the menu's as a shield for his face.

"NEVERRRR!! HA-HA!" Mo suddenly dashed out of her seat, running out the door, and hopping into her car. "HA-HA, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!"

The End??

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