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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
Food Cronicles
This my friends, is a Tale.... A TALE TOLD BY THAT WIERD GUY IN THAT BOX! *points to guy in box* Ahem... Uhh... Totally random new story...

Chapter 1: Intro to our Kingdom
There once was a wonderous magical kingdom.... That kingdom was called McDonalds 4laugh .... The people of this kingdom were happy, fat, and most of all, full of ratiation from the burger's secret sause... sweatdrop

Chapter 2: Taco Bell's attack....
As you all know, in 2006... TACO BELL HAD A OUTBREAK OF E-COLI!! eek The E-coli was there secret weapon in there ambush against McDonalds... As you may know, McDonald's is very addictive food. This was bad for Taco Bell's stocks... So one dark night, the Taco Bell Tribe ambushed McDonalds. But the McDonalds forces were to strong and forced there enemy to surrender! *YAY!!*

Chapter 3: A new age is born... And born... And born... rolleyes
Generations after the ambush, One of the McDonalds sons ran away from the Kingdom, then starting is own fast food chain: Burger King. B-K was lonley, and decided to go on E-Harmony to find a girl. Later, that girl was found. Her name was Dairy Queen. B-K and Dairy had two sons, Jack in the Box, and Carl's Jr.

Chapter 4: How's the Family Buisness??
You see, Carls advertisements weren't... working quite well.... So, there costomers dropped quite the bit! Jack, on the other hand made quite the TV scene, bringing in costomers by the minute. McDonalds and B-K couldn't get more addictive! But Dairy Queen has lost her looks... crying Any way, because of Taco Bell's E-COLI incodent... It has scieced to go national. *seriously, look in Ireland, no mexican food whatso ever* Sigh, so, our story ends here. I bid you fare well, and remember... LOOK AT THE NUTRITION LABLE ON YOUR LUNCH BAGS FOR PETE SAKE! scream

Chapter 5: The End
I'm done, so stop trying to give me your number. mad

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