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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
First entry... INTRO

Well, hello all! I can't wait to start writing about all the crazy things that happen to me everyday but before I do, I think you should know a few things first. It would be really confusing if you just started reading my diary without knowing some background info first, especially about the people you'll be hearing a lot about. Sorry though guys, but I'm not gonna be using real life names so I'm going to use codenames. Here's a list for you to get accustomed to:


-LEXI: she's been my best friend for 4 years now and I love her to bits and pieces.

-DIRTY LOVE: This girl is one of my closest friends and she always loves a laugh. She's also very open and out there but I trust her with my life.

-MS. USA: One of my closest friends who's father happens to be a Naval Officer (doesn't get anymore interesting than that except for the fact that she's pretty much been more than halfway around the world and her brother's in a band)

-CUTESY: The lovely girl of the group who is wild and totally out there but sometimes quiet and mysterious, not to mention she has the cutest fashion sense.

-COOKIE: She's the cook of the group and does she cook good biggrin

-KAYKAY: The only girl in our group that has a serious boyfriend (at the moment) and is taking it super seriously. She's got the experience.

-MS. VANITY: She is the vain girl of the group and would always choose guys over her friends. To be honest, not many of the girls in the group like her but who really has the heart to tell her


-TEDDY BEAR heart : My special Mr. someone who I have had the biggest crush on for 4 years. I've known him since we were in diapers so we're pretty close.

-CONTAGIOUS: He's this guy who has one of the most contagious smiles (hence the name) and is absolutely a cutey. Just one of the guys Ms. Vanity is after, but then again, who wouldn't be, he's so cute.

-STRETCH: My dear friend Ms. USA is after this guy. He's probably the tallest guy in our group. Too bad everyone knows he's got eyes for Dirty Love. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Ms. Vanity never misses a minute to flirt with this guy either.

-BEATBOX: He's so hot, and every girl wants him. Again, Ms. Vanity totally has eyes for this guy (surprisingly more than any of the others) and you'll probably never see him without her clinging to his arm.

-LANKY: The thinnest guy you will ever see, he could probably fit through a straw. He's Ms. Vanity's cousin and a very cute cousin at that.

Well, that's it I guess. Sorry there are so many names to remember but feel free to look back on this. It'll keep things from getting confusing while you read about the weird and wacky things that me and my friends do every single day as we try to deal with the troubles and heartaches of highschool. By the way, feel free to comment. biggrin

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