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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Love Hurts

Welcome to the first real entry and have I got news to share. If you've read the 1st entry, the introduction, then you'll know that my friend KayKay was the only one in the group who had, let me emphasize that, HAD a boyfriend. Yes, as you may have guessed, her boyfriend Reece broke up with her. She's still very cut up about it and still getting over it, but the only thing is she's not exactly getting any sympathy from some people in the group. Let me explain:

KayKay and Reece's love story started about 4 weeks ago, when they first met. There were sparks flying straight away and on the first day they'd met, Reece had already asked her to be his official girlfriend. All she could do was accept.

It all happened so fast, all of us girls knew that it probably wasn't going to last. KayKay introduced him to Dirty Love and Ms. USA after only 2 days. She also introduced him to another one of our mates, Char, who was very supportive, at first.

After dating for only 2 weeks, it happened. Kaykay, lost it. I'm not talking about her mind, I'm not talking about her sanity, I'm talking about the V word, her virginity. Crazy huh? She lost her virginity to a guy that's she'd only known for 2 weeks.

We tried to warn her but she wasn't really interested in hearing our criticisms. As a matter of fact, she called Dirty Love pathetic because of it. From there, it all started falling apart for poor KayKay.

For 7 days, Kaykay was on camp and Dirty Love and Ms. USA weren't exactly missing her, and neither was Reece. When Kaykay came back, it all fell apart in one blow.

Kaykay got a text message from Reece, telling her that he wanted to break up with her. She accepted that, until she found out the reason why. It seemed that Reece had feelings for Char the whole time he was dating Kaykay and he was only using her to get closer to Char. *shattered*

But when we found out, Dirty Love still had no sympathy for her. OUCH. So now, KayKay can't even look at Char, Dirty Love can't even look at Kaykay and we have no idea what to do. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Feel free to comment. biggrin

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