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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Weekend Wonders
Holy cow!

Like I say all the time, the times change so quickly. But I'm glad things worked out for the better today. But it seems that something very exciting happened on the weekend that's gonna keep everyone in our group talking for a while.

Dying to know what happened yet? Don't worry, I'll tell you in a minute, but first let me just give you the update on what's currently going on with Dirty Love and KayKay's argument. Well I'm happy to say that they are talking again after having sorted things out over the weekend, so I'm really happy about that. So everything's pretty much back to the way it was before, except it's just a little better.

Another thing is it seems that everyone in Year 10 (that's my year) is having sex and losing their virginity. It's like some special trend now. But I can't lose my virginity until I'm married due to my religion and I plan to keep it that way. I know it sounds super dorky, but still. But speaking on this topic, rumour has it that 2 people in Year 10, let's just call them Madchick and Mate, had sex this weekend. Ok, so no big deal right? Well, it is now. Why? Because it turns out that Madchick not only had sex, but apparently someone caught it all on camera. Oh MY GOD! And Jesus is Madchick pissed. Who knows where this could go.

Ok, wanna know what happened on the weekend now?? Ok, so Dirty Love, Lexi and Ms. USA went out on the weekend and got pretty drunk. I guess I don't mind them going out on weekends together anymore. It makes sense because Lexi lives closer to them than any of us so it's fair. Anyway, so they went out and got drunk and guess who was with them... Lanky and Stretch.

So, you could probably imagine what happened. If you didn't guess, I'll tell you. Ok, so they were all hanging out in the park, and all of a sudden, Stretch kissed Ms USA!! OMG I know right! She was so happy when she told me and I was happy for her. Unfortunately, there are others who aren't. Some are saying he only did it because he was drunk. One of those people is Lanky. Now it's gotten pretty awkward, but they still talk, sometimes.

Anyway, speaking of Lanky, do you remember when I talked about him having a little crush on Lexi. Well, unfortunately, things haven't turned out well at all. He said she was completely oblivious but he just doesn't get that she only likes him as a friend and now, he's not talking to her. Now Lexi's totally aggravated because she's lost a friend in him. That's not all. During lunch today, he was throwing things at her because he was so pissed at her. It was crazy. *sigh*

Well, I guess that's pretty much everything there is. I just hope to Lanky and Lexi start talking again. Things like this never last long. Well I hope not anyway.

heart Till next time heart

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