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The lost journal of Riccarlit
Yiffy stories and other things that I put in it. Wait... why do you want to know, huh?
Baby Perry!
This is the infamous Baby Perry...
Name: Baby Perry
Nickname: Baby
Appearance: User Image
Sex: Male
Age: 5
Race: Fox
Personality: Tough, brave, fearless, kind, loving, curious, clever
Powers: Element Fire
Special Skills: Fox stealth, speed, and cunning
Weapons: None
Bio: Baby Perry is one of the many Pawz brothers. He is the youngest and the only one that is always around Riccarlit. Most of his personality is from Riccarlit. The only thing that he has not yet picked up is Riccarlit's bisexual ways. The one thing that Baby Perry has is a curse of Forever Age which means that he is forever 5 years old. Baby never found out about the attack because he was too young to know any better. As far as he knows, the brothers are taking care of him because their parents wanted them to have a life outside of Nightwood. Baby didn't question them because, he dosn't know better. Fem Perry (White Fennec) took Baby with him cause the other brothers went their own way and Ricc was with him so it seemed well enough. No one would of guessed that Baby would grow attached to the wolf. Ricc didn't mind cause Baby acted like him and yet he made the wolf laugh, for a change, so Ricc became the new watcher and that was fine with Perry. Baby watched Ricc's moves and studied his personality with he took for his own. Baby became aggressive but could be calmed with a quick remark on how cute he was. That showed that the life of aggression couldn't happen with Baby but everyone went with it fearing if they said something Riccarlit would rip there heads off.
Sexual Orientation: unknown, far too young
Extra: Although Baby Perry is young, he is almost uncontrollable when he is around someone new or he is not very fond of. His size and age doesn't matter to him about fighting. He doesn't know about his curse and no one will tell him because it is a sure way to depress the cub and anger Riccarlit. His high ego keeps him always happy but it gets him into trouble and his clever and curious side also gets him into unwanted places.

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