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The lost journal of Riccarlit
Yiffy stories and other things that I put in it. Wait... why do you want to know, huh?
Lost Hero
This is a work in progress for a new story with a whole new Riccarlit and friends. I will post them up soon so read if you want.

Riccarlit opened his eyes and looked at the metal ceiling. He was stationed on the Moon Star capital ship with a few others. Although he chose to work alone, he was pinned with some rookies. He was suppose to train them today and was working up the will to. He slowly got up and up on his eye piece and hooked it up with the ship's mainframe. The eye piece showed a lot of information such as Riccarlit's heart rate and armor, along with a compass and motion tracker. If he wanted he could up night vision on. He found that feature annoying. He sighed and walked out into the hall and headed to the weapons training grounds. Riccarlit's armor was the most different cause he made himself and put it how he liked. Although it was not classified as military grade no one said anything cause of Riccarlit's rank and fame.
Riccarlit was in the middle of training when the ship shook and the red alarm lights came on. Everyone started to run for there weapons while Ricc growled and pulled out his trusted handgun sidearm, his custom built D-Eagle. Over the loud speaker he heard his name get called to the bridge and not to take his time. With that in his head, Ricc rushed to the bridge to find out why he was called and what it was for. Once on the bridge he stopped behind the captain. Ricc mumbled something before speaking "Captain Fang... What the hell do you want with me." Ricc muttered "Ricc... Our old friends came to visit us. You know them best from past fights. I want you and your squad to go in and take the fight to them. Your the best of the best... don't let me down now." The captain said before dismissing Ricc. Ricc sighed and put a cigarette to his lips before heading to the training ground for his team "Team Alpha! Form, UP!" He shouted and three soldiers came up to him and waited for his orders "The enemy found us after we left our last stop... They think they can take this fight and drop it on our ship, our home, our life.... Well they thought wrong! They think they have the upper hand, but they don't. We do! We always had it! They already lost this fight... they just don't know it yet. So... to help them out, we are going to let them know! We are going to write it out in there blood! We are going to show them just how bad they lost! When we are through... they will know fear when they see us!" Ricc walked around his team and shouted his little motivation speech. His team, even though they had no idea what he said but it sounded good, cheered and Ricc lead them out and just as he was on his way to the drop ship bay the captain came on over the loud speaker and said that the enemy has breached the ship and that they were taking heavy fire "Team! Lets send them back in a body bag!" Ricc growled and turned around to find the enemy.
He as his team rushed to the landing bay to see large enemy drop ships. They were dropping their soldiers off before leaving. Ricc didn't get a good look at them because he and his team were under fire from soldiers in black power armor. Ricc looked at his team "Fire in the hole! Get down!" He called out before tossing a EMP grenade out. After the shock wave he rushed out to see the enemies all stunned. Riccarlit ordered his men to open fire while he flanked them. On his way to flank the enemies he was caught up in a fire fight with a newly docked enemy drop ship that managed to land on the deck. The captain of the ship began to order all of the non combat trained crew members to get to the escape pods. There ship was getting over run and it was time to abandon it. Ricc took cover and began to take well placed shots at the enemies. Ricc started to think he wouldn't be able to flank the enemies that his team was dealing with "Team! Rally up! We have to leave... get the captain and get to a pod! I'll cover you..." He said over the radio.
~More later

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commentCommented on: Thu Oct 07, 2010 @ 02:10am
Its very good biggrin and really cool!

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