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The lost journal of Riccarlit
Yiffy stories and other things that I put in it. Wait... why do you want to know, huh?
Riccarlit's profile (temp)
Name: Riccarlit White Wolf
Nickname: Ricc
Appearance: Normal; User Image
Summer coat: User Image
Feral form; User Image
Human form: User Image
Sex: male
Age: 23
Race: Loup Garoux
Personality: Dark, Brutal, full of hate but can be loving
Powers: Control over the elements
Special Skills: strength and power
Weapons: Anything he wants
Bio: Never told, never will
Sexual Orientation: Bi but more to the male side
Extra: Ricc trusts little to no one but he never turns his back to anyone unless they betray him
Riccarlit's father was a half-breed werewolf bitten by a werewolf while his mother was a pure blood werewolf.

Riccarlit was young when he first felt the beast within him. He had a brother named Seani who was the only one he trusted. He doesn't talk about Seani a lot because he wants him to remain in the shadows. When Riccarlit was about 15 he finally lost control with the hunger than was the beast. His first kill was his friend. Then it grew to all his friends. Then his family. His brother escaped and knows about Ricc's beast. Ricc then killed his father's pack known as the Windrunners, known for their extreme speed and agility. Riccarlit left his home and went out for another pack hoping that his beast would not show up again but it did. With another pack dead Ricc went to a lone wolf for a few years. He sometimes visits his brother sometimes for help and just to ease himself into peace. Seani is the only one that can bring Ricc into peace. Riccarlit finally found another pack and it seemed that his beast didn't show up for about three years and then his beast showed up and killed that pack.
Riccarlit's beast is a unique character, it can't speak but it is very fast and strong but ultimately ferocious. His beast can not be reasoned with and sees everyone as a threat and prey. His beast is from a bloodline that runs in his family and is a part of Riccarlit's life. Its like his second life, if Riccarlit was to die his beast takes over and fights until it is bested or wins. Then the next day Ricc regains control over himself. If the beast was bested, Riccarlit dies. If the beast is removed from Ricc in some manor, Ricc dies.
Riccarlit's powers are fairly different from a well known and powerful power known as 'Element'. Element is Riccarlit's most powerful and most deadly power and consists of; Fire, ice, and thunder. Its not only deadly for whoever Ricc uses it at but its affects leave Ricc weak and exhausted. Ricc never speaks of this one because he pretends it doesn't exist.
Riccarlit's second is the control over weather, its fairly useful for escapes but can also be used to clear a path through enemies and other things. He can make make anything weather related and use it for an attack such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and deadly thunderstorms. Like Element, this one actually kills Riccarlit slowly.
Riccarlit's other and last power is his ability to move at blinding speeds and cover himself in a protective black smoke. He can use the smoke to move at great speeds and dodge any attack. The cost of this power is extreme fatigue and leaves Ricc tired.
Riccarlit's personality is his most colorful side. He is dark, brutal, and very aggressive. He is also quiet and loving only to those he cares deeply for. He loves fights which show his tough, fearless, and aggression. Another thing that makes Ricc different is that no one showed him anything about love. So Ricc tends to have these fully-straight-but-trying-something-new moments where he goes with the male/male side of life. Mainly with foxes for reasons known to him. This side of Riccarlit turns his personality to a different level making him more aggressive and more open and also more territorial. But it also will have him more friendly and nice. He always picks the smaller males for this moment so he remains the 'Alpha' wolf of the relationship.
Riccarlit's favorite pass time is brutal torture and killing. For some reason he loves pain and yet tries to find out why that is. When he gets extremely pissed Ricc literally beats the hell out of himself by smashing his head into something until he knocks himself out or is stopped. His wild and unpredictable ways lead him to never be trusted alone. When he starts to not feel the pain he goes crazy for thats the start of him losing control over his beast.

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