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Mr. Journal
obviously, its a journal. just my thoughts and weird things that happen to me
me whining about highschool
high school is really stupid. (actually, life in general is stupid but im not gonna go there today) technically its a home school but they offer classes. the thing is you have to have motivation to learn anything. i dont actually hav motivation to learn algebra and other crap like that. fridays theres no school and i have history at home. in fact right now im supposed to be writng a nine page report about hammurabi and king saul, david, and solomon and someone chinese that i havent read anything about. but im not. because i really dont care. and if i dont care, im not gonna do any work and if i dont work im not gonna learn anything and if i dont learn im not gonna pass ninth grade or go to college. ill probably have to repeat a grade and im definitely switching schools i just dont know where i want to go and i dont want to switch into a school sophmore year. imj gonna ask my mom if i can switch right now but i just know what she'll say. she'll say
"nir, i have worked so hard to get you into this school. it was very expenisive and i had to think of your class schedules all by my self. i got you all these books from the library and we even figured out this totally complicated carpooling system and now you want to go and CHANGE your goddamn school?! you want to just leave everything i worked so hard to make a reality for you?!"
then she will continue to rant and rave until i feel so guilty ill go in my room and cry and eat a pint of icecream. oh, another thing i hate about this school. its way up in edmonds and all the kids are white or SUPER muslim and there all goody goody two shoes who are super weird and not in a good way. im not trying to be racist about muslims being there but if their too muslim then they believe that jews and muslims are enemies and wont take to me and leave hate letters in my locker. it will happen. trust me. oh, did i mention that they havent gotten the locker situation firgured out and so i was schlepping around my bag all day? and i only have three classes a day so im pretty much siiting in a library wre you cant go on gaia and the little kids dont know how to talk in a voice that isnt screaming. this school is so stupid. I HATE IT. my mom didnt want to give me any other classes then the ones i have (algebra, biology,latin.) so im stuck with all these peice of s**t classes and i really wanted to take singing or some kind of art and im stuck with classes i really couldn care less about.

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Community Member

Fri Sep 11, 2009 @ 09:04pm

oh dont worry about it to much its not that bad, i understand you dont like it at all but you lighten up to it i have like the hardest teachers in school cause there adv. but thats not the point jus try your best and forget about it at the end of the day

Zoe Landon
Community Member

Thu Sep 24, 2009 @ 12:11pm

woah.......that.................really sucks.

i feel your pain.

i don't get it, you only have 3 classes? and you do classes at home? that's seriousely weird, if i did that i don't think i'd learn anything properly it'd just be all over the place.

User Comments: [2]
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