yay!! today is a sale at the bookstore on all used books!! i am going to buy lots of manga...i always go there intending to buy zombie powder three because then id have the entire series, but i always end up buying bleach or parasyte or something else. i really need to go to kinokuniya sometime soon.my mom doesnt wnat to take me there because its in the international district an she thinks its dangerous. its not really the international disrict though, its more like the asian district. they have a whole bunch of amazing stores though. like uwajimaya. theres alot of asian people in seattle. like on aurora theres this little village type thingy place thats all korean. they have this amazing bakery there called the royal bakery and its so yummy. i go there all the time and eat a whole bunch of stuff and then i get a stomach ache. actually, i only have one rice twist and it gives me a stomach ache. on wednseday i had this huge stomach ache and a head ache too. it wasnt really a headache thoguh, it was like my hearing gets really heightened and i can hear everything and anything above a whisper wil blow out my eardrum. its terrble. so anyway, at lunch time evryone was being really stupid and loud like they usually are and it was making my head hurt soooo bad and so i went to the library waaaay in the back were theres cobwebs and no one ever gos there. so iwas sitting there, thinking about how much i wanted to punch nate in the face and then koko came and sat with me. she found me even though i was very hidden. and then me and her talked and she talked in a quiet voice and my head didnt hurt. then we messed around texting random people on her phone and i laughed because it was really funny and my stomach ache went away. koko made me feel better. and that is a magical thing that no one else can do. except mira maybe. last night i went to miras house for shabbat, like i usually do, and after dinner we watched smallvile and it was really....bad. it was stupid and the blood was so obviously jam. and before we watched smallville, we played rummikub and boy was that a flop. it failed cause we kept not being able to put anything down and for most of the game we were just picking up peices. then mira made this cool pyramid towery type thingy and it was eally cool. but she destroyed it and that was dumb. she should have left it up there forever. the nght before last there was some epic weather!! it was raining and then this really scary lightning came and i thought our building was gonna catch on fire and there was also this crazy thunder and i thought seattle was gonna be flattend like in a cartoon.
it was a terrifying experience U.U
trevor has swine flu!! im so scared for his heath!! i know he'll probably be fine but im still really worried.