[. so somaetimes i get these random urges (often late at night) to do useless and pointless things. like go on a run. or write a book. or make schnitzel. yum. so last night i was in my bed, looking up at my wall which has trillions of all different kinds of posters. and i thought, 'this could look way more exciting and way less sketchy then it does.' so i jumped out of bed, turned on all the lights,(i have five lamps in my room for some unknown reason) blasted some music,(AFI, to be presice)and got to work. my bed is up against the wall and in order to move the posters around, i had to move my bed away from the wall. i thought it looked so good like this, i left it there. so now my bed is sticking out at a weird angle from the wall. and all the crap tha was under my bed is now in a huge pile, on the floor. but,all my posters are organized. want me to tell you how? no? ok, here goes. on the left side, nearest the head of my bed, is all the bright anime posters and random ads i ripped out of shonen jump. on the left middle side, theres manga posters, which are different than anime posters because they are made by the actual manga artist. then on the right middle side, theres real life stuff, like the deathnote movie and the bleach play (yes they made a play for it) and music and things like that. then, on the right side, above my desk, is stuff i drew and stuff i vandalized out of manga. there are no posters on any other walls because they are covered by huge, towering bookshelves.