marie anne is leaving!!!!
noooooo!! marie anne has been my coach ever since i strated fencing and now shes leaving cuz she has to focus on school and she has two jobs. im so sad! marie anne is the best coach ever. she always yelled at me whenever i did something wrong but that made me a better fencer. im really afraid people are gonna leave the salle because shes not here anymore and i dont want to be alone!! she says shell come visit, so i can see her still. like, this saturday is a halloween party and shell be there. also theres a tournament in november and she says shell come if at least four of the intermediate students come. i know im coming and camren for sure. elizabeth might be able to come and i hope julian is coming, cuz hes really good and he would probably get his patch at his first tournament. i miss her so much, even though its only been two days since i saw her. and ill see her this saturday. but shes gone!! forever!! and shell never come back, except maybe when shes out of school which is really far away. its really a tragedy.