gosh... im so bored. will someone please send me some money? i need to buy fencing equipment. and i want to go to sakura con this year. and i want to cosplay. and i want bleach stuff. i saw this really cool hoodie and i want it. i WANT it. gimme. also, i want to go to kinokuniya bookstore and buy a whole bunch of bleach. i ned to clog up the hole in my japanese ones. i have thirteen and nineteen. how random, right? also i need number nine in english. and how am i supposed to get money? my moms sure as hell not gonna give it to me and im too young to get a job. im boggin for some money. i might get into carjacking if i dont get money soon. gimme all your money. god im so greedy. and tired. i woke up two hours late today. haha. oops. ahahahaha. chiquita banananananananas are the best.

wow....that was a waste of my time to type this. i could have been watching bleach.