Jan 10, 2010
7:30 pm

Little Christmas. It's a few weeks after Christmas where all the babies get their native names. It starts with a great big feast here on the island. A potluck.
I helped set up and made sure everything was in it's place. Soups with soups, meats with meats and fruit salads with fruit salads.

The turnout was pretty good and the food was great. I made sure I got myself a piece of fish. There wasn't a whole lot of it.I sat with Ruth, a woman I met during 'Challange Day.' She's a really great woman. Super kind. Nancy, my aunt sat with us, along with Marty. A grade nine teacher that I met at work. He teaches a Alternative grade nine class for students so that in the winter time, the students don't have to travel back in forth on the boat to and from the island.
I shared my fish with him because he didn't get a chance to get any. We all ate and joked on the delicious food.

I didn't get to stick around for the naming ceremony though. I had volunteered to do the dishes along with some other people.

A few days later Victor told me that he was putting on a gaming night. It was at work so I figured I could get paid to play some video games. And I did!

We set up a projector and faced it to the wall. Our screen was huge. After a while you had to stop playing because it felt like your eyes would sink into the back of your head.
I didn't do to great. I kept coming in third place. However in my defense, I was playing against a bunch of pro's.

When Mat spent the night, we decided against a few things. Well actually... I told him about the rules I had to set out. He was upset with them a little. You could tell he wanted to be able to do a few of them. But they would only lead things on.

I spoke to him the other night. He was telling me how his anxiety was getting worse. As a result, he started spending more money on dope. Which isn't a huge deal I suppose, until he told me that he has spent most of the money he got for Christmas on it. He was suppose to put that money towards his band.
It made me nervous knowing that he's smoking more. It seemed like he was becoming more dependent on it.
But then he said... "sometimes depending on something isn't a bad thing....."

Then I thought. Perhaps he's right. A baby depends on it's mother to kept it safe. Lover's depend on each other for comfort, and family depend on one another for support.

It still makes me wonder though...

.....Is he depending on the wrong things?